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Got a mixed bag of things to say today.

First of all, [personal profile] wolfwarrior and I had an assignment which we stayed up all night to finish. And this is 'all night' in the sense that I am writing this at 1:40 the next afternoon without having gone to sleep yet. Now, this would be all well and good, except that when Wolfie went to hand it in, it seems that the other group got themselves a 2 week extension >( We successfully got the essay back before it could be marked, so we will have a chance to go through it and actually edit it, which will be a very good idea, since the majority of it was written at three in the morning.

Tam got me a Darth Tater as a birthday present, all the way from America. He's so very cute. Been looking one here in Oz for ages, but no luck.

On the job front - Got the paperwork yesterday. My god, there is a lot of forms. A LOT of forms.
Also, I finally told my honours supervisor about the job, and the fact I wouldn't be doing a PhD with him. The conversation went something like this -

Me - So, you know that job I got you to referee for me a while ago? I got it.
Him - Congratulations *shakes hand*
Me - So, I still want to do a PhD sometime, but I would like to get a bit of practical experience first...
Him - You know you can do one part-time, we could set that up
Me - Um... Not right away.
*He leaves for 5 minutes, and then comes back*
Him - If you do a PhD, we'll still pay you a scholarship on a pro rata basis
Me - Um...

Does anyone else get the feeling they are rather desperate for students? I mean, I'm flattered (and tempted, after I finish the graduate scheme), but still.

But, the news you have all been waiting for - Firefly Marathon saturday

1. We have the maths room on saturday (thanks to [profile] go_the_brumbies), we're all set for firefly marathon. Plan is to start bright and early, 12 noon, since a bunch of us have to leave around sixish.
2. For those people ( [personal profile] necromage and [profile] pseudoskribe ) looking for the Serenity novelisation, it is apparently out in Australia, you just have to bug people about it. Dymocks can supposedly order it for you, but you'll probably have to argue with them about whether they have it or not, since it doesn't always show up.

And lastly, everyone needs to send nice, soothing healing vibes to [profile] auril, who's laid up with a mystery illness at the mo. Get well soon! (you know, before saturday, so you can come to the firefly thing).

Well, everything is looking kinda blurry now - gotta love that sleep deprivation - so I think I might end this long and winding post right... now.


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