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Messing about on the computer, with the TV running beside me. Is anyone else amused by the ad war going on between Duracell and Energiser? The ones where the duracell bunny and energiser battery-man compete, supposedly as some sort of comparison of their ability to perform in cameras, or walkmans, or whatever. If it's an Energiser ad, the battery-man wins, and if it is a Duracell one, the bunny kicks his arse. Seriously, this is approaching the level of an Ian Thorpe/Micheal Phelps competition.

On the subject of ads, I do like the Carlton Draught one, with the 'o furtuna' music and the subtitles - damn funny.

Onto DVD news ...

Since people were asking -

From The DigitalBits Rumor Mill:

Our ever reliable industry sources are telling us that Universal will
soon announce the DVD release of Joss Whedon's Serenity for 12/20.
Early word indicates that the disc may include Whedon audio commentary,
along with at least 4 behind-the-scenes featurettes (Future History,
We'll Have a Fruity Oaty Good Time, Re-Lighting the Firefly and What's
in a Firefly), a video introduction to the film by Whedon and 6 minutes
worth of outtakes. Some of the details on the extras comes from the
BBFC website.

I know what I'm getting for christmas...

Edit - talked to the nice guy at EzyDVD, who says the Australian release date is more likely to be around feb next year. *sigh*. On the other hand, we had this conversation because I wanted to know about the length of the "Threads" episode on the season 8 stargate release set (the full length one - Yay!), and after we got that sorted, he said - 'so, if you like stargate, you might be interested in this other series...' We then had a nice interesting discussion about Firefly and Serenity. I'm definitely shopping there more often.

For something completely different - SeaQuest DSV on DVD

Not DVD, but I read somewhere that apparently there are episodes of Now and Again available for download on the net, on something called 'emule'. Must go hunting.

Random Observation of the Day - Exactly one more month of uni (last exam on 11th Nov). I would be excited, but I'm to busy curling up in the corner shaking with terror.
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