Jan. 7th, 2009

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One of the more... interesting things about being 12 or so hours out of sync with 90% of LJ (between living in Oz and a complete ban on LJ at work) is going to bed with everything all fine and dandy, and coming back the next afternoon/evening and realising there's been a complete panic doing the rounds. *cue frantic catching up*

On another topic, since I know there were a couple of people resisting the lure of Merlin due to worries about historical inaccuracy, I want to link this post by [personal profile] icarusancalion, discussing the mythological roots of the Arthurian legend. Interesting stuff. And no, I'm not just trying to convert people - anyone who is interested enough in Arthurian legend to be bothered by the (many) diversions from commonly accepted legend should find this post fascinating.

And I need some Merlin icons, if I'm going to keep talking about this show.
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Yeah, I just updated, but this is so awesome it deserves its own post.

Atheists send their own message, on 800 buses. Seems a lot of Londoners have gotten fed up with religious advertising around their city, and have decided to take up their own ads. Awesome.

But US atheists are holding their own on the awesome stakes, with ads saying 'Why believe in a god?" over a picture of a man in a Santa suit. "Just be good for goodness' sake."' However, the Aussies are not doing too well - I like their slogan best of all (Atheism: Sleep in on Sunday mornings), but permission for the ads was refused. Not cool :(

But possibly winning, or at least tying, in the awesomneess stakes, is the response from at least one church. Not fire, brimstone, and threats of damnation, but welcoming the campaign as a way to get people to discuss God.

Public debate on religion, carried out on the side of a bus. I love it.

And all this is made even more awesome because I can't even hear the words 'bus ads' without thinking of Moonlight. Ah, fandom. Ever with the odd (and amusing) associations.


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