Sep. 26th, 2005 09:27 pm
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3rd update in one day. A new record for me. If you want to stop your friends lists being full of deep and meaningful messages from me (otherwise known as SPAM), you all need to update more, and drown me out :)

But, to the point -

Just saw ad for Serenity on TV. (I wonder what all the neighbours thought of me squealing like that. LOL.) So very, very cool. Oh, and they have a new Serenity poster up at Hoyts. Mostly River, with Mal and the rest of the gang in the Background. Even Bob/ette, who's never seen an episode of Firefly in her life, thought it was cool (Of course, the Other Sister said "Who's Joss Whedon?" but we all know she should be ignored).

All of which prompted me to get around to posting this. The executive decision about Serenity.

SERENITY PREMIERE - Thursday night

Leaving Uni around 5:30 - 6pm, heading to movies to get tickets for whatever session we can get. Cross fingers one will be available. Would book the tickets, but they aren't taking online bookings at the moment and I remember the hassles trying to get over there to get tickets for Episode III, so this seems like the best plan. And the invitation is good for all you ursies guys too, of course. For that matter, all random persons should drop everything and head out to see Serenity thursday night. The more people, the more money, and the more money, the more chance we have of getting sequels. (On the sequel note - needs $80 mil globally to get a greenlight, according to entertainment weekly.)

So, all I need to know is, who's in?

So far, have definite 'yes' from me, Bob/ette, and [personal profile] wolfwarrior. Wolfie is planning on riding her (new, expensive) motorbike, but if people ask nicely, Bob/ette may have 2 spaces in her car (especially if you are/can be at uni). But I haven't checked that, so don't count on it until you check. Other than that, can't help with the transport situation. Well, unless we all plan on catching the bus. Sorry

Your mission, if you chose to accept it - Comment if you read this post, so I know who I need to chase up about this. Even if you aren't planning on coming, let me know so I don't have to ring you at innapropriate times, 'K?
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