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Finally seen it. And all I can say is - wow.

Ok, that's not strictly speaking true, but a detailed review will have to wait until I have seen it again, and the shock wears off. But it was everything you would expect from Joss Whedon, and the cast delivered brilliantly as well. It haven't felt this way after a movie since Revenge of the Sith. Well, I would have felt like this after Revenge of the Sith, if it had romantic dialogue that made people cheer (yes, they cheered) instead of cringe.

Did I say 'Wow'?

For anyone who reads this and wasn't with us, we got there about an hour early, and there were already people in line. We went to get dinner and then joined the queue. By the time we went in, the line was out the door of the theatre, and there were only a few spare seats in the front row. Very impressive turnout.

Seems like everyone who came enjoyed it, and even the non-fans could follow it, which was good. We had 13 people show up in total, so I was happy. It was also a good chance to catch up with old friends I don't see so often.

So, to everyone who came, thanks, and I hope you had a good time. Now, go see it again, and drag more people with you. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? Go now. Get up, walk away from the computer and towards the movie. It's time everyone found Serenity :)

Oh, and the exam went suprisingly well. All in all, not a bad day.
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