Date: 2009-02-01 03:36 pm (UTC)
Hmm... This is a topic I have pondered myself, (here ( is an old example that probably no longer reflects my current understanding), and one conclusion I have come to is that I generally do not like the main characters as much as the side characters. I am mostly involved in manga fandom, which usually has a "designated hero," or in many girls' manga the "guy the heroine is so obviously gonna wind up with that we don't really need a whole series."

I usually find these characters, well, just plain boring. A television example would be Jack from Lost (yawn). I can't really explain why. Maybe it is because there is a certain "cookie cutter" aspect to them that makes them all seem kind of similar. Maybe it is because vast portions of fandom are always rallying around them and I would rather retreat to a peaceful corner to write about the fascinating side characters. Another theory I have is that I don't like to be told who I am supposed to like best through hierarchy.

As for the subject of gender, I have gotten to the point where I usually keep them in separate categories. I will refer to my favorite male character and my favorite female character because I am appreciating them on entirely different wavelengths. Just as I can't fully divorce myself from the bias of being attracted to males when judging how much I like them, I also can't divorce myself from the fact that I am a female and love stories about females best when judging how much I like them.

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