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Date: 2009-02-01 03:54 pm (UTC)
I pass by randomly via metafandom. :D

I'm too lazy/scatterbrained to list them right now, but I've put some thought into this every now and then, and I've noticed that I gravitate toward die-hard fanning of two types of characters: ones I identify with, and ones I really really admire on some level. (This is an inadequate description, because villains tend to fall into this category to. It might be more accurate to say, "characters who have traits I'd admire if they were used for good, even if this is not the case in the story". But let's keep it at "admirable" for simplicity's sake.)

The ones I identify with are almost invariably socially awkward. Raised by wolves, culture shock, alienating trauma, just plain lack of understanding of how normal society works, that sort of thing. The ones I admire generally have nerves and/or backbones of steel, strong moral conscience, will stand firm in extreme cases where others would shrink back for whatever reason, some self-effacing tendencies. It's kind of embarrasing, because I also tend to ship the two character types... (Can it get any more self-inserty?) There's a lot of variation within the types, and sometimes a story has only one of them, but that's the over-all trend.

The gender of said characters doesn't matter. In one series the socially awkward char is female (Fred from Angel, for example) with the admirable one being male (Wesley), while in others it's the other way around (anime Gundam Wing has male Heero I identify with and female Relena whom I girlcrush on so hard it's not even funny). Whether they're primary characters or secondary doesn't matter either. Heero and Relena are pretty much the lead characters of Gundam Wing, but relatively speaking (I'm not as big a fan of some stories as I am of others), I fan over Remus and Tonks just as hard.

So my type preferences usually completely override the role-distribution of the characters involved. The anime Darker Than Black has Amber, the love interest of the protagonist, who is actually both types at once, and the show's main character almost bores me in comparison. And in Prétear (another anime), I was in it for the "villains", not the heroes.

Interesting post. ^_^ I hope you'll get a lot of interesting replies in return.
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