Date: 2009-02-02 04:10 am (UTC)
I usually find myself drawn to the main characters who usually seem to be male (Luke in SW, Daniel in SG1, Doctor in DW, Robin in Robin Hood etc), and it seems, embarrassingly enough, that the female characters I am most fannish about are involved in a ship with my favourite male character. With the exception of Donna and Martha in DW (where I don't ship anyone).

Which...yeah, suprises me when I think about it, but also makes me wonder if they are the love-interest, so I ship them, or if I ship them because I like the character on their own. *thinks*

Perhaps it is because, generally, I think women tend to be harder on female characters and more forgiving of males ones - it is much harder to write a good/strong/interesting/likeable female character. You said your fannishness for certain female characters grew over time - that is often true for me as well - I often think female characters seem to need to 'prove their worth' in a way. Or perhaps some of them start out as stock-standard females and because of the writing/acting/direction, grow into more well-rounded and three-dimensional characters as the canon progresses.

I would like to say that gender is not important when it comes to main characters, but I'm not sure if that is the case (for the general viewing public). IIRC, JK Rowling once discussed the reason why she made her Potter protagonist a male instead of a female - she wanted kids of both genders to read the books, and she didn't think boys would read a series of books where a girl was the main character.
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