Date: 2009-02-02 01:50 pm (UTC)
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[Here via [ profile] metafandom.]

Gender, relative hot-ness and anything else are completely inconsequential to me; for me it's all about the main characters. Every time. Without fail. If you have a group of main characters, I'll probably gravitate more to it's-all-about-the-ones-I-ship.

(SG1 and SGA, this is true - I gravitate towards John/Rodney and Sam/Jack. With Star Trek (any flavour), I'm completely equal in fannish-ness with the main crew/cast. With HP it's all about the Trio (and Harry/Ginny & Ron/Hermione). In SW, I'm equally fannish about Luke, Han and Leia (and god, how I adore Han/Leia). L&C is all about Lois and Clark. Farscape is all about John and Aeryn. X-Files Mulder and Scully.)

I've actually thought about this topic on and off for a few years now. (Usually every time the race discussion comes up in fandom and I look at the characters I'm fannish about, and find they're all white.) And I've come to the conclusion that I'm easy. If TPTB tell me that this is the main character(s)/hero and They Are Awesome and You Should Love Them, then I'm there. I'm so there. Don't get me wrong. TPTB have to create an awesome story/show and not fuck up the characters. But assuming that TPTB are Doing It Right, then I pretty much believe what they tell me/want me to believe.

And when I'm reading fic, it's all about The Main Characters again. I'll read the occasional secondary character fic, but it's not something I search out. It probably says a lot that my favourite type of fic is 'outside pov' - the main characters seen from an outside pov, usually someone that doesn't quite know the whole story (ie doesn't know about the Stargate), or who is watching the main characters and slowly discovering that they are are couple, or in the case of SG, that they are team and how they rely on each other and what team really means.

And yeah, I'll stop talking now.
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