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This writing thing is so much easier when you have no other commitments - like dinner with friends (which was excellent, btw. Mmmm.... steak....). And the rest of the week is shaping up to be even worse. Still, so far I'm making my targets, so I can't complain too much.

Mini NaNo Counts
Yesterday: 837 \o/
Today: 611 words
Story Total: 3301

It is slightly sobering to think that in the first week I've made less than two days target for NaNo proper.

On the Hercules-watching front (yes, I'm still going), I think I have mentioned before the joys of catching 'before they were stars' roles in B-grade series. Today's guest star is Catherine Bell (Mac from JAG), and the notable guest on yesterday's episode was none other than Karl Urban - shirtless, in leather pants, leather harness, and wings. With blond hair. I can provide screencaps as proof if required - it's quite a look!

Today's Hercules also includes a dragon terrorising villages. Now I have 'Trogdor the Burninator' stuck in my head, something I could definitely have done without as I try to go to sleep.
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This writing thing is so much easier when you have no other commitments - like dinner with friends (which was excellent, btw. Mmmm.... steak....). And the rest of the week is shaping up to be even worse. Still, so far I'm making my targets, so I can't complain too much.

Mini NaNo Counts
Yesterday: 837 (\o/)
Today: 611 words
Story Total: 3301

It is slightly sobering to think that in the first week I've made less than two days target for NaNo proper.

On the Hercules-watching front (yes, I'm still going), I think I have mentioned before the joys of catching 'before they were stars' roles in B-grade series. Today's guest star is Catherine Bell (Mac from JAG), and the notable guest on yesterday's episode was none other than Karl Urban - shirtless, in leather pants, leather harness, and wings. With blond hair. (I can provide screencaps as proof if required - it's quite a look!)

Mini Nano

Nov. 2nd, 2007 09:45 pm
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Yay! 4 day weekend - and not a moment too soon. Work is being its usual busy and stressful self. I was even contemplating going in to the office on Monday despite my leave being approved, just to make a dent in the pile of work lurking on my desk and in my inbox. Then I came to my senses and decided not to waste a perfectly good long weekend on work :)

In other good news, I have (so far) met my [community profile] mini_nanowrimo target (200 words/day). Not much, I know, but still more than I've written *in total* in the last six months or so. Besides, so far I've exceeded the target both days, go me. I guess that isn't too surprising - my problem isn't normally volume of words once I've started, but finding the motivation to start in the first place. Yes, my procrastination habit is so great that I even procrastinate about the things I want to do. *sigh*

In order to motivate myself I am posting the count here as well as the Mini_Nano comm. Here goes:

Mini_Nano word count
Yesterday: 261 words
Today: 413 words (and counting)
Total: 674 words

(First cab off the rank for Mini_Nano is the Supernatural/Star Wars crossover, for those wondering on which plot bunny these copious numbers of words are feeding)
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Warning: For those non-Aussies on the flist, the following contains references to the upcoming Australian federal election.

Howard v Rudd Rap (Youtube link) by Axis of Awesome
Stairway to Kevin (also Youtube), from the Chaser.

If only the real deal was this amusing...

(Many thanks to [profile] seldear for the links.)
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Ugh. Sitting on my dining room table right now are two bills totaling quite a bit more than $1000. And I have another to come... Someone remind me why I bought a car again?

In other news, I have my application for my Masters 90% done. The funding form is all signed and submitted, awaiting final approval (more than 10 days before it was due, go me!), and I just need to check a few details on my Uni application. On top of that, my job application is also about 95% done, and it isn't due for more than 10 days either.

All this organisation from me - brace yourself, the end of the world is nigh.

On a more fandom note, I'm thinking of doing my own severely cut down version of Nanowrimo this year. Nothing as grand as 50 000 words, but aiming to write between 250-500 words every night, actually getting into the habit of writing regularly, and possibly even making a dent in the feral plot bunnies in my head.
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I unreservedly take back any nasty things I might have said about accounts. This year, I actually got an one to do my tax return, and I'm beginning to appreciate their charms.

Yup. I now officially go to work to pay people to do things that I wouldn't need to do if I didn't go to work. *sigh*

But seriously, I've decided I'm a fan of this whole 'pay someone else to do it' thing. Last year, I meet up with group of friends (with, in total, more than 25 years of combined university education, I might add) to try and puzzle out the forms, and it still took days. This year, the whole thing was over in an hour - and that's including the time it took for me to walk from my house to their office.

On another topic entirely, I have until tomorrow to come up with suggestions of things I want for my birthday. I have no idea.


Sep. 20th, 2007 10:13 pm
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Happy belated Talk like a Pirate day!

My replacement Sharpe DVDs arrived this week, but I haven't had a chance to watch them. They are taunting me with their unwatchedness... I'm so over this work-taking-up-all-my-time thing.

On the other hand, the family is coming to visit this weekend. Yay!
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Goal for the week: Avoid being conned on to any more committees. Especially committees which are apparently in the middle of great big flamewars with each other. *headdesk*

Oh noes!

Aug. 19th, 2007 07:31 pm
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... I may have hit a slight snag in my speech-writing. It's all plotted, and I've written the first quarter or so (and when I say 'written' I mean 'wandered randomly round the apartment/stood in the bathroom and spouted lines until I like the sound of them'). I decided to take a break and watch something for a while, and that's when I discovered my problem.

I sound like one of the presenters on Top Gear*. I've always had a tendency to go slightly 'english' when I do public speaking, and speanding far to much time listening to three english guys do nothing but ramble has definitely made accentuated it.

Still, could be worse, right? English accents are... classy, or something, right? It's not like I'm sounding American

*With a little bit of John Critchon's Peacekeeper accent thrown in, for regional variation.


Aug. 16th, 2007 11:35 pm
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Brand New Shiny Computer is at the shop, being fixed. On Saturday I should get him back, and then I can seriously start replacing all the software I lost in the Great Computer Crash. Computer type friends - expect a call from me in the next week or so :)

Other significant thing which happened today: Got a haircut. Yay! After hunting around all of Canberra for a decent and not ridiculously expensive hairdresser, I ended up going back to the one on campus. Makes me all nostalgic for university :)

Which got me thinking - I really would like to go back to uni. While, fingers crossed, I will be starting my Masters next year (if I ever get around to submitting my paperwork), I'd really like to be able to go back full time and study something completely, just for interest's sake. I'd love to do an Arts degree, for instance. Maybe one of these days...

The other important thing which happened today was that I bought an adorable Super-deformed Darth Vader. On special, even. Now I just have to convince myself that I don't want to go back and get the TIE Fighter Pilot and Stormtrooper too...

Oh, and thanks for all the input and feedback on my topic for the public speaking competition. I've registered, and now just have to write and learn the damn thing. Before Monday. Hmmm - why do I do this to myself?
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So, the bad news is that my computer is officially dead. The good news is that this means I can buy a new computer! I'm going to get the new MacBook Pro, 15 inch, 2.4 GHz, 160G HD. Nice and shiny.

Hoping to get off work early tomorrow to buy it, and then the Mac people can transfer what they can save off my old comp, and I can take it home on Wednesday.

So, if all goes according to plan, I'll be back up and running on Wednesday night. See you all then!


Jul. 8th, 2007 08:56 pm
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Just a quick update to let you all know that my computer is dead. D-E-D. Dead :(

So all comment-answering and flist catching up is on indefinite hiatus, pending either a) my computer being repaired or b) me getting a new computer or c) both of the above.

[profile] bob_ette is kindly letting me borrow her computer to post this - and I plan on stealing it on a semi-regular basis until mine is fixed, so I'll be around intermittently.
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I think the lifts at work are haunted. They are always about 5 degrees* colder than the rest of the building, will randomly bump and shudder, and the screen that displays the floor number will flicker on and off.

Definitely haunted. I'm expecting Sam and Dean to show up and save the day any time now.

*that's Celsius, btw.


Jun. 21st, 2007 11:10 pm
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Apparently 6 day weeks with 12 hour days makes [personal profile] lyore a tired little engineer. At least when I try and keep up some pretense of a social life at the same time. And it looks like I'm working this Sunday too...

Quick RL update )

On the Perm account sale: Am rather bemused by [profile] barakb25's comments here:

No content that is created to plan, encourage, or advocate hate crimes, the abuse of children, or rape.

Right. So content created to 'plan encourage or advocate' murder, war crimes, or terrorism is AOK then? Glad that's clear.

Sometimes I think LJ need to have a serious think before they post policy decisions, because it's bloody obvious to anyone with half a brain this is going to come back and bite them.

OK, so tired. Shower, then bed. Zzzz
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Just a quick update, because while long weekends rock, working 12 hours a day doesn't.

Things will probably be a little quiet here for a while, due to the aforementioned 12 hour days (and Sundays - did I mention I was working Sundays as well?), until things settle down at the project. And, as usual when I'm just trying to stay caught up with LJ, posting and commenting is the first thing to go.

Hopefully it will only be for a couple of weeks, perhaps less, if I can convince the my guys to stop distracting me by telling war stories. I think I spent more time today listening to stories than I did actually doing work, which is not great from the point of view of the looming deadlines of DOOOM, but is a hell of a lot more interesting. (Turns out Australia nearly had a military coup in the Seventies. Who knew?) Still, if they are going to pay me double-time, I better at least pretend to be doing work.

*engages super-stealthy!Lurk Mode*


Jun. 6th, 2007 11:18 pm
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Wohoo! Got tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in Melbourne in December! It's later in the year than we were planning to go (Yes, this is Australia. Yes, these things do sell out 4 months in advance. Yes, we did have to get a special deal just to get tickets), and all my RL friends who said they were going to come piked, but me and [profile] bob_ette and The Other Sister are all going, and it Shall Be Good. Anthony Warlow is the Phantom, we have good seats (front row of the dress circle), and a package deal with an 'Exclusive Phantom of the Opera merchandise pack including souvenir items, program, and chocolate Phantom mask in a souvenir Phantom carry bag."

'Cause, yeah. Everyone needs a Phantom of the Opera mask made out of chocolate.

And no, we did not get this particular package just to get the chocolate mask.

I swear.

Oh, and if I'm quiet on the posting/commenting front for the next few days, it's because I'm currently getting shooting pains through my fingers when I'm typing. Since I spend most of my time at work typing, this is a problem, and I'm trying to cut back a little for a few days. Plus, I'm going home for the long weekend, and as I have complained many times, the internet access back home is ... limited. So chances are I'm reading, just not talking much for the rest of the week.
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Media Rights Technologies is suing Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Real Networks for not using its DRM technology

Interesting... Perhaps these guys went to the same marketing school as FanLib? I can't see MS, Apple or anyone else running out to use their products after this.

And since I'm feeling linky - here's more Star Wars goodness happening at Celebration IV. *Sigh* I'm so jealous of those of you on my flist who actually got to go.
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*sigh* Today has not been a good day, and this evening has been a total write-off. Work is still frantic, I'm incredibly tired, and certain RL people have me completely livid at the moment.

There was a long, ranty entry about this, but I've decided not to post it - yay for the slim shreds of self-control, I guess. Or apathy - it's odd, I'm swinging back and forth between insane anger, passing through lethargy, and then into depression. And back.

It's not even a big deal - just the straw that broke the camel's back. Hell, it isn't even unexpected - I knew this was going to happen, which makes it rather ridiculous for me to be this upset *sigh*

I know I'll probably delete this entry tomorrow, but right now I need to try and get this out of my head. Maybe this will work. Probably not, but right now I'll try just about anything.

Since LJ is failing at de-stressing me tonight, it's on to strategy number two: rewatching favourite TV shows. I-Man, here I come.
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Have triumphed over the (evil) forces of work and (really bad and probably evil) professional fiction* and (not evil at all) weekends spent at friends places to get back on line, just in time to catch up with the latest dramas - FanLib and That MJ statue.

There's really nothing to say about either of them that hasn't already been said, except that the same people who run FanLib are the sort of people who would think the fen protesting about the MJ statue are making a fuss about nothing, at least judging by the ads.

Apparently, according to the marketing gurus at Sideshow and FanLib, women don't read comics, and they don't write fanfic either.


*OK, it was Star Wars EU books - so I should have known. I quit about 90 pages in to Michael p. Kube-McDowell trilogy on account of OOCness so extreme it was making my eyes bleed. And given I tend to be very obsessive about finishing books when I start them, me not finishing the book is a VERY bad sign. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself - except the OT Star Wars section is swamped with prequels and EU fic, and I hadn't tried this trilogy before, and I really do want to find more good stories about my characters.

It occurs to me that I most be a masochist - this would also explain why I am frantically busy at work, and yet also of my own free will negotiating to stay with this project long term. But at least work is interesting and educational - I'm getting a crash course on things I didn't even know existed 12 months ago, so I can turn around and be the project 'expert'. It's intense and exhausting, to say the least. It's also likely to be the reason for periodic bouts of silence - apart from the fluctuating hours (I'm averaging between 1.5 and 2 hours overtime a day, but it's varying wildly), I'm coming home so wiped I can't get a coherent thought together (apart from ranting about SW EU, apparently). So I'm reading, I'm just not talking.
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From [profile] anu_students

In light of the recent local storm and the Virginia Tech shootings, the ANU has set up a "Campus Emergency Mobile Phone Number" option in ISIS so that if there is another campus emergency here at ANU, students and staff can be readily contacted and warned of the danger.

So please enter an emergency contact number in your ANUBIS account at the first available opportunity! The numbers will remain entirely confidential unless such an emergency arises, in which case they will be used to contact you to inform you of the situation.


Right. So, in case of Evil Gunmen, the uni is going to personally and individually call EVERY SINGLE STUDENT (and presumably postgrads, academics and lecturers as well, unless they don't care about them). All 3000 of them. Do they think this might take a little bit longer than they actually have, in that situation? And what if people don't answer, because, by some random and cruel twist of fate, that was the day they actually remembered to turn off their phone in a lecture? And in what order? Alphabetically? Of course, it's ANU, so I'm tempted to say they'd call the full-fee paying students first...

Perhaps they plan on asking the Evil Gunman to just wait patiently until they've finished?

Actually, that wouldn't surprise me. Student admin has always held the opinion that students have nothing better to do than wait for the on the convenience of the admin staff, regardless of murderous intentions and/or urgent academic requirements.

(Of course, this is off an LJ report. I can't really be bothered to check if this is true or not, although it would be simple if you had access to ISIS. I just feel like snark. ETA: As [profile] psuedoskribe points out, this is a lot less stupid if they are using an SMS system. But I still feel like snarking about it.)

In other news - thank god I get tomorrow off. I am so completely wiped right now, a fact I am now putting down to the lingering effects of the Cold From Hell. I feel like I've had the energy just sucked right out of me. So I am going to watch Doctor Who, post some squee (hopefully) for [personal profile] amethyste5, and go to bed.


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