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An Obama post, but not as you know it

From [profile] seldear

Obama dolls from Japanese toymaker. Keep scrolling. I guarantee it's worth it.

(Anybody read Japanese and can translate? The detail in the face is so incredible I'm tempted to believe the whole set of pictures are just very, very skillful photomanips.)

ETA: Babelfish to the rescue! (Err... Sorta) .

- 44th generation United States of America president [baraku] [obama] -
First African type American president and [baraku] [obama] 44th generation United States of America president in history with 12 inch action figure multi-layerization of surprise.
It is to be the thing itself surprise where such commodity comes out, but don't you think? the foreign country with it seems that either such politician figure is not unusual.

We have become 2008 American Presidential election specification, those where also the clothes and the accessory etc represent that time belong.
The clothes itself have become the private suit, but it is, “[bishitsu] dresses stylishly” also the part where size is not agreeable with the prime field very somewhat with to it does not go.
But eyeball (? Because) with it has become that quality of the head which becomes is enormous, there is a thing it closes the eye.
[obamahetsudo] how seeing from wherever, is [obama]… or the notch.
It has been reproduced securely to the part where also quality of paint is high, material feeling and the like of the skin is small.
As for clothes all removal possibilities. Really the button and the belt etc are used to fixing inside.

Accessory & section gimmick.

Accessory summary.
Option hand ×3 kind (the movable hand and the having hand, finger moving), microphone and necktie ×2 kind, watch
Stars and Strips, flag stand stand, chair and option head (as for picture with under)

As for [obamahetsudo] 2 type attachments.
Normality type (upper tier) with speech type (lower position)

As for the option hand 3 kinds of the movable hand, the grip hand and the pointing hand belong.
The movable hand (soft material) in finger one one wire (? ) Is trained, can move the finger freely.

The lumber, the metal part is used to the pole head and the flag stand stand really in the Stars and Strips flagpole and the chair.
Also the Stars and Strips itself making will have been secure, heavy appearance and material feeling going hand in hand, force is very mono.

After all in this direction.

The person and the group of existence altogether there is no relationship.

The winter of president and Japan skill.

The sled [ya] you can play already.
It entwines with the figure of the same scale, makes favorite the pause take simply simply, decorates that way
Being able to point whatever, with the other figure, you can taste the kind of enjoyment which you cannot taste.
As such action figure considerably low it is the commodity of the price range, but
It included also the option item and the like, the entire making included was something which will be been secure and you were surprised.

Now if other than the same scale politician figure something it is, furthermore [are] make the world it may, is.
Including successive Japanese prime minister, the leader figure of the world in a row in the shelf…It cannot cause the customer securely, don't you think?.
(The area of Russia is blending in the other shelves, strange feeling shortage so. )

Dude. If I read that right - doll!Obama has a moveable finger. Also, the force is very mono. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure it's very deep, and possibly related to recent commentary from the likes of [personal profile] fialleril and [personal profile] sodzilla. And, in international affairs, Russia appears to be attempting some sort of sneaky camoflague manuveure, possibly because they can't compete with the sheer awesome of doll!Obama and his moveable finger.

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I'm voting for this being an elaborate photoshop scam, because that doll looks way too real!

Obama doing James Bond scares me a bit. And as hilarious as Obama vs. Vader is, I think katana-weilding!Obama takes the cake.

Also, the force is very mono. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure it's very deep, and possibly related to recent commentary from the likes of fialleril and sodzilla.

You give me far too much credit! The only thing I'm thinking is, "Wait, the Force is sick with mono?"