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I believe I ten to be very similar to you. Really, the main character and finding traits about them I like rises above gender. That being said, the vast majority of my favorite characters tend to be male. I'm not sure if this is because of the type of shows I watch (leading toward male-dominated casts) or because of my interest in the male POV. It may run along similar lengths as my reason for liking slash fic. I like two males in a relationship because its a) less typical, b) more conflict, c) it's harder and therefore more interesting. I really like characters like Mulder and Krycek together not only because them being them (Gman vs triple-timing assassin) but because there's already a natural clash of them being two grown men who aren't going to cry over every little thing. I find it more realistic and infinitely more fascinating. I also tend to prefer the bad guy which are typically males. (I tend to hate the female villains, though it could be debated that's because I'm supposed to hate them.)

Here's my own little list.

X-Files: Mulder, Krycek (Scully, Cancer Man)
Supernatural: Dean, Sam, Bobby (Ruby, Ellen, John Winchester)
SG-1: Jack, Ba'al, Vala (Daniel, Barrett, Major Davis, Sam, Cam, Hammond (and do Lorne and McKay count for their all of 1-3 episodes?))
SGA: McKay, Sheppard (Lorne, Keller, Carter, Vega, Teyla, Ronon)
Kyle XY: Kyle, Declan
The West Wing: Josh, CJ, Bartlett, Donna (Toby, Sam)
Smallville: Lex, Oliver, Chloe
Dark Angel: Logan, Max, Alec
NCIS: Gibbs, Ziva, DiNozzo (Abby, McGee)
Heroes: Nathan, Peter (HRG, Hiro)
Battlestar Galactica: 6, 3, Admiral Adama, Starbuck (Roslin, Helo)
24: Jack, Chloe
Fringe: Olivia, Peter (Walter Bishop, Charlie)
Firefly: Mal, Simon, River (Jane, Inara)
Farscape: Aeryn
Torchwood: Ianto, Jack

In the top, 29 of 41 are males. Well over 50%. But then look at subject matter first. 13 of 16 are somehow paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy shows. Take then SG-1 and SGA. I doubt anyone would despute SG1's "main" cast as: Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, Vala, Cam. SGA's main cast: Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Weir (and arguably Carson, Carter, Keller, and Woolsey). 4 of 6 in SG1 are male. 3 of 5 in SGA. 5 of 9 if you count those in (). In smaller main casts, XF and Fringe have 1 and 1 (possible two males and one female counting Walter Bishop as a main character). Supernatural has two male leads. 24 has one male lead. The odds are far higher for me to like a male lead than a female...simply because there are more of them. And about 32 of 41 are main characters. A correlation definitely.

At the same time, I really think it is the character themselves that stand out. I tend to like the funny and/or treacherous characters. Funny being Jack (SG1), McKay, Dean, DiNozzo, Mal, Josh, CJ, Bobby, Ziva. Treacherous being Krycek, Aeryn, Alec, 6, 3, Lex, Vala, Ba'al. Add in those who are emotional handicapped (Sheppard, Logan, Max, Jack, Nathan) and/or villians (several mentioned already) and the list adds up. And it just seems to typically be male characters who fit these descriptions.

It entends into my non-fandom reading and TV/movie watching too. So it doesn't surprise me. Give me a really good female character who fits these and I will LOVE her (Vala, Aeryn, Ziva).
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