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This is one of the best sort of nights... one of those nights where every fic you read is excellent. They happen so rarely, which is probably a good thing, because now all I want to do is read fic randomly until my luck runs out. Not a good thing when I have work tomorrow.

Since I have to stop just bookmarking these things and telling myself that I'll get around to writing a rec post sometime:

Fic Rec: Dice, by [ profile] laytoncolt. Farscape, post The Peacekeeper Wars, canon pairings. Long (approx 45,000 words), and plotty, and spot-on characterisation that uses the whole cast to their strengths, and just all round brilliant. It does have major spoilers for the mini-series, so if you haven't seen that, be warned.

And now I really should to stop reading fic and go to bed. *yawn*
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Fic Rec: Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich, by [profile] kazaera (Merlin fic).
Wonderful character voice, just generally wonderful characterisation, just enough plot to keep the story moving along, and to be perfectly blunt, nicely hitting all my narrative kinks (which, for those of you who don't know include both h/c and The Big Reveal). If you like Merlin, read this.

Also, a psychiatrist has knitted herself an exact replica of the human brain. How is this not awesome?
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The results are in, and Star Wars narrowly won the poll for the first set of recs.

Before I get started, a couple of notes on the way I label fics. If a fic is, in either my opinion or the authors, predominantly gen-focused but also includes either het or slash pairing, the fic will be tagged both 'gen' and 'het'/'slash'. Anything that does contain ship will also be labelled with the pairing, so nobody should be scared for life by reading anything they don't care for. And if I haven't included a rating, assume it's PG - PG-13 at the most.

I'm working my way through some of my older fics here, so if I've rec'd these before, I apologise. I'm just getting my tracking system in order, so from here on in I'll be able to keep track of what I have and haven't rec'd. I'm also trying to get a balance between authors, genres, and timeframes (taking into account my obvious biases, of course!).

And now, on with the recs! )

Enjoy! Up next week - Crossovers.
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I see the Supernatural fandom has exploded again. *sigh* I must say, sitting back and watching this from a distance, this makes me feel old. Young whippersnappers at it again...

I think every fandom I've seen the early stages of has followed the exact same pattern. The First Season Honeymoon is over, and the Second-Season blues have set in. Suddenly the fandom isn't shiny and new anymore, and people have spent enough virtual time together to realise they are all people and therefore capable of being just as cliche-y and bitchy as those popular girls you secretly hated in high school. The show runners are taking things in a different direction to the way you've spent the season break contemplating, and you're all secretly worried those new characters are just Mary Sues in a cunning disguise, waiting for a chance to take over the show...

I wonder how well Torchwood will cope, when it gets to their second season?

And I wonder when I got so cynical about fandom as a whole?

For the Firefly and Dr Who fen on my flist, anyone who hasn't done so should check out [personal profile] honorh's fic Out of Joint. The TARDIS crash-lands on the Serenity... Yeah, it's a crossover, but the characters from both shows have been nailed, and neither group has been subordinated to the other. Great interaction between the characters, and the start of what looks like a promising plot.

In other news, I'm really starting to get nervous about my trip. I just woke up this morning and it hit me. I think it's the idea of going somewhere where people speak a different language that is freaking me out the most. I get nervous-excited butterflies just thinking about it.


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