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Warner Bros is finally thinking about releasing Pinky and the Brain on DVD. Yay! Read All About It

And Congratulations to Pharaoh for finishing his thesis. Now he can get some sleep.

In other news, I have changed the layout of this Lj. Definitely like it better this way.

I've also been rewatching my Dark Angel DVDs. Can't decide if Jessica Alba is a good actress or not. Well, I guess she suits the part, which is the main thing. And besides, who pays any attention to her when Logan is around? *drools on keyboard*

Shallowness aside, I really do like the balance they have in the first season between his story and hers. Pity that they ruined the whole thing with the second season. Is it wrong to feel midly relieved that they cancelled the show before they could do more damage?

Useless Trivia of the Day - The wonderful piece of punctuation ‽ (otherwise written as ?!) is called an Interrobang. It was introduced in 1962, by Mr Speckter (some big-wig in advertising company, which explains a lot - 'cause there just aren't enough normal pieces of punctuation for them to abuse). The Interrobang can convey in print an attitude, curiosity, and wonder. Or, used incorrectly (generally by advertising types or fanbrats), induce an attitude of fear, loathing and blind rage.

Oh, and in the 'Barry Trotter' parodies, Barry's mark is in the shape of - you guessed it - an interrobang.

(Courtesy of Pharaoh, who imparted this useless piece of information - well, the name anyway)


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