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I have had a very Bourne weekend. On Friday I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which has finally come out here in Oz - and they wonder why Australia has one of the highest rates of downloading in the world. (Very good movie, highly recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.) Today I watched The Bourne Supremacy with [profile] cloverfizz, since she hadn't seen it yet. And now I am watching The Bourne Identity, just to complete the set. Yes, I know I'm watching them in reverse - it's just the way it worked out. Besides, I think there is something perversely fitting in watching movies about an amnesiac in the wrong order :)

But the upshot of all this Bourne watching is that I now have Bourne/Torchwood crossover plotbunnies in my head. If only I had more time...

In the midst of all this, I have still found time to go to a housewarming, where I spent most of the time discussing Star Wars, anime and old-school english children's lit, primarily of the Enid Blyton variety. I love my friends :) Oh, and I found the time to squeeze in my [profile] fs_rewatch Farscape watching as well, which means I am pretty much up to date with my obligations for the weekend.

Right... back to watching Matt Damon run around and shoot stuff. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday night.

ETA: It's so odd, watching The Bourne Identity and actually recognising places. It adds so much more context to the movie.


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