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Apr. 28th, 2006 11:57 pm
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Wohoo! Thanks to a wonderful workmate, I have the Christmas Invasion. Now all I have to do is find time to watch it... (And yes, I realise that still puts me at least two episodes behind the UK *sigh*)

I also bought the first season of Babylon 5 today, from the second hand store. I really have no idea what it's about, but I've heard very good things. And I have a borrowed copy of the first season of Andromeda, not to mention the rest of MacGyver to watch. So many DVDs, so little time.

What do you think of the proposed BSG spinoff? )

I'm cautiously hopeful, if it goes ahead. Even if the timeline looks a little dodgy.

Coupla questions for you:

1. Anyone know the ancient greek translation for 'awake'? So far, we've found 'egeiro' and 'gregoreuo' - Any ancient Greek scholars out there who want to offer any alternatives or opinions?

2. Purely hypothetical question - If I happened to have possibly, maybe written some Firefly fanfic, (very short, post-Serenity), would anyone want to read it?

Random Observation of the Day - Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks, was the Producer for MacGyver
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Made the mistake of wandering around some icon-making type places yesterday, and got all depressed at my lack of icon making ability. But then I figured, the only way to get better was to keep going, and since I feel guilty spending time making them and then not using them (I know - my brain is weird, but somehow, posting them on my lj is sufficient justification for it), I figured I'd put the next lot up anyway. Besides, some of these I'm actually moderately happy with.

So here goes - Supernatural, Battlestar Galatica, Bad Taste Bears, and a few odds and sods. Yes, I have eclectic tastes.

here be icons )

Also, does anyone know of any good Star Wars discussion comms?


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