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Published author releases free download authorised Firefly novel.

Well, I guess that is one author who doesn't have a problem with fanfic!
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I see the Supernatural fandom has exploded again. *sigh* I must say, sitting back and watching this from a distance, this makes me feel old. Young whippersnappers at it again...

I think every fandom I've seen the early stages of has followed the exact same pattern. The First Season Honeymoon is over, and the Second-Season blues have set in. Suddenly the fandom isn't shiny and new anymore, and people have spent enough virtual time together to realise they are all people and therefore capable of being just as cliche-y and bitchy as those popular girls you secretly hated in high school. The show runners are taking things in a different direction to the way you've spent the season break contemplating, and you're all secretly worried those new characters are just Mary Sues in a cunning disguise, waiting for a chance to take over the show...

I wonder how well Torchwood will cope, when it gets to their second season?

And I wonder when I got so cynical about fandom as a whole?

For the Firefly and Dr Who fen on my flist, anyone who hasn't done so should check out [personal profile] honorh's fic Out of Joint. The TARDIS crash-lands on the Serenity... Yeah, it's a crossover, but the characters from both shows have been nailed, and neither group has been subordinated to the other. Great interaction between the characters, and the start of what looks like a promising plot.

In other news, I'm really starting to get nervous about my trip. I just woke up this morning and it hit me. I think it's the idea of going somewhere where people speak a different language that is freaking me out the most. I get nervous-excited butterflies just thinking about it.

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Well, people said they were interested, so here it is. Concrit is welcome, but since I'm new to this writing business, gentle is good, but honest is better. Please, let me know what you like, what you don't like about it, whether I should give up and never touch a keyboard again.

Obligatory Header-type stuff:

Title: Worst
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Set after the BDM, so be warned.
Other stuff: Very short, kinda sad. Zoe-centric.

Here be the fic )

*runs away and hides*


Apr. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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OK, well if I'm going to continue on this icon making kick, I'd better start one of these.

Without further ado )
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Found these in my inbox this arvo, thought I should share

Buffy Musical on stage )

That I'd pay to see!

Serenity No. 1 in the UK )

The UK browncoats have been saying they were going to ride to the rescue of the BDM - nice to see they came through! Go the Pommies! It feels strangely wrong to be cheering for them, but I'll forgive them the ashes if they get this movie a sequel!
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Messing about on the computer, with the TV running beside me. Is anyone else amused by the ad war going on between Duracell and Energiser? The ones where the duracell bunny and energiser battery-man compete, supposedly as some sort of comparison of their ability to perform in cameras, or walkmans, or whatever. If it's an Energiser ad, the battery-man wins, and if it is a Duracell one, the bunny kicks his arse. Seriously, this is approaching the level of an Ian Thorpe/Micheal Phelps competition.

On the subject of ads, I do like the Carlton Draught one, with the 'o furtuna' music and the subtitles - damn funny.

Onto DVD news ...

Since people were asking - Serenity DVD release )

For something completely different - SeaQuest DSV on DVD

Not DVD, but I read somewhere that apparently there are episodes of Now and Again available for download on the net, on something called 'emule'. Must go hunting.

Random Observation of the Day - Exactly one more month of uni (last exam on 11th Nov). I would be excited, but I'm to busy curling up in the corner shaking with terror.
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Had a nap - so much more awake now. Which may be a problem, since its almost 11:30. Oh well.

Since I have quite a few things feel like saying at the moment, and some of them are quiet spoilery, I figured I would get adventurous and try lj-cuts.

Cut the first - Serenity Australian Box Office )

I've been lurking about a lot of Serenity/Firefly boards this past week, and I'm suprised at the backlash that Joss is getting from some fans about some of the events in the movie. Which prompted me to write this rant... Here be spoilers )

Oh, and Bob/ette sent me some Joss Whedon interviews today. Very cool (even if one of them was named 'Joss Wheaton' - Mmm, Joss, the amazing chocolate Wheaton LOL) One of them had 'We attack the major with homus' line, which is one of my all time faves. *big grin*
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Got a mixed bag of things to say today.

First of all, [personal profile] wolfwarrior and I had an assignment which we stayed up all night to finish. And this is 'all night' in the sense that I am writing this at 1:40 the next afternoon without having gone to sleep yet. Now, this would be all well and good, except that when Wolfie went to hand it in, it seems that the other group got themselves a 2 week extension >( We successfully got the essay back before it could be marked, so we will have a chance to go through it and actually edit it, which will be a very good idea, since the majority of it was written at three in the morning.

Tam got me a Darth Tater as a birthday present, all the way from America. He's so very cute. Been looking one here in Oz for ages, but no luck.

On the job front - Got the paperwork yesterday. My god, there is a lot of forms. A LOT of forms.
Also, I finally told my honours supervisor about the job, and the fact I wouldn't be doing a PhD with him. The conversation went something like this -

Me - So, you know that job I got you to referee for me a while ago? I got it.
Him - Congratulations *shakes hand*
Me - So, I still want to do a PhD sometime, but I would like to get a bit of practical experience first...
Him - You know you can do one part-time, we could set that up
Me - Um... Not right away.
*He leaves for 5 minutes, and then comes back*
Him - If you do a PhD, we'll still pay you a scholarship on a pro rata basis
Me - Um...

Does anyone else get the feeling they are rather desperate for students? I mean, I'm flattered (and tempted, after I finish the graduate scheme), but still.

But, the news you have all been waiting for - Firefly Marathon saturday

1. We have the maths room on saturday (thanks to [profile] go_the_brumbies), we're all set for firefly marathon. Plan is to start bright and early, 12 noon, since a bunch of us have to leave around sixish.
2. For those people ( [personal profile] necromage and [profile] pseudoskribe ) looking for the Serenity novelisation, it is apparently out in Australia, you just have to bug people about it. Dymocks can supposedly order it for you, but you'll probably have to argue with them about whether they have it or not, since it doesn't always show up.

And lastly, everyone needs to send nice, soothing healing vibes to [profile] auril, who's laid up with a mystery illness at the mo. Get well soon! (you know, before saturday, so you can come to the firefly thing).

Well, everything is looking kinda blurry now - gotta love that sleep deprivation - so I think I might end this long and winding post right... now.
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Finally seen it. And all I can say is - wow.

Ok, that's not strictly speaking true, but a detailed review will have to wait until I have seen it again, and the shock wears off. But it was everything you would expect from Joss Whedon, and the cast delivered brilliantly as well. It haven't felt this way after a movie since Revenge of the Sith. Well, I would have felt like this after Revenge of the Sith, if it had romantic dialogue that made people cheer (yes, they cheered) instead of cringe.

Did I say 'Wow'?

For anyone who reads this and wasn't with us, we got there about an hour early, and there were already people in line. We went to get dinner and then joined the queue. By the time we went in, the line was out the door of the theatre, and there were only a few spare seats in the front row. Very impressive turnout.

Seems like everyone who came enjoyed it, and even the non-fans could follow it, which was good. We had 13 people show up in total, so I was happy. It was also a good chance to catch up with old friends I don't see so often.

So, to everyone who came, thanks, and I hope you had a good time. Now, go see it again, and drag more people with you. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? Go now. Get up, walk away from the computer and towards the movie. It's time everyone found Serenity :)

Oh, and the exam went suprisingly well. All in all, not a bad day.


Sep. 28th, 2005 11:49 pm
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So, tickets are bought and paid for (except for [profile] go_the_brumbies, who hasn't given me a direct answer).

Latest count - 12 people. Not bad, considering only 4 of them had even heard of Firefly before now. The browncoats are slowly converting the world... Resistance is futile. No, wait, different fandom. Scratch that. Can't stop the signal.

Leaving Uni at 5:30, so we should be there by 6 - you know, in time to hang around the theatres for an hour. Don't want to be late. :)

So stoked.

Now all I have to do is pass the test I have between now and then (10am in the morning - I shouldn't even be awake that early!). I hear study helps with that, so I should get back to it.

Edit - Forgot to say that I (and [profile] wolfwarior) watched At the Movies, and Magaret and David gave it 3.5 stars. However, the best part was all the Star Wars comparisons they kept drawing - oh yeah. My kinda movie. And 2 minutes later, Bob/ette rang me to share the news.

Random Observation of the Day - 17 hrs to go...
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Well, looks like we have quite a crowd - 13 people (and counting).

A few more details

Since movie people are slack and hadn't updated their session times on the net, had to resort to ringing - Yes, I know, how very primitive. And that experience went something like this -

Call the number, get told to press 4 for session times. Press 4, then get told to ring another number - their 'Hoyts Hotline'. Hang up, try to ring other number, only to be told that this number is not connected. Ring first number back, press 0 to speak to an operator. Get a 12 year old kid (but at least I'm talking to a human, I suppose). They say ring the hot line for session times. I say it isn't working. They say - Hang on, let me get my supervisor. Get put on hold. For 5 minutes. Get supervisor, who FINALLY manages to give me the times.

The end result is that the session times are 7 and 9:30. We'll aim for the 7.

Oh, and someone who is coming who happens to live across the street from the movies will try and book tickets thursday morning, since we can't do that before the movie is released. Which means I need numbers by around 5 tomorrow, OK?


Sep. 26th, 2005 09:27 pm
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3rd update in one day. A new record for me. If you want to stop your friends lists being full of deep and meaningful messages from me (otherwise known as SPAM), you all need to update more, and drown me out :)

But, to the point -

Just saw ad for Serenity on TV. (I wonder what all the neighbours thought of me squealing like that. LOL.) So very, very cool. Oh, and they have a new Serenity poster up at Hoyts. Mostly River, with Mal and the rest of the gang in the Background. Even Bob/ette, who's never seen an episode of Firefly in her life, thought it was cool (Of course, the Other Sister said "Who's Joss Whedon?" but we all know she should be ignored).

All of which prompted me to get around to posting this. The executive decision about Serenity.

SERENITY PREMIERE - Thursday night

Leaving Uni around 5:30 - 6pm, heading to movies to get tickets for whatever session we can get. Cross fingers one will be available. Would book the tickets, but they aren't taking online bookings at the moment and I remember the hassles trying to get over there to get tickets for Episode III, so this seems like the best plan. And the invitation is good for all you ursies guys too, of course. For that matter, all random persons should drop everything and head out to see Serenity thursday night. The more people, the more money, and the more money, the more chance we have of getting sequels. (On the sequel note - needs $80 mil globally to get a greenlight, according to entertainment weekly.)

So, all I need to know is, who's in?

So far, have definite 'yes' from me, Bob/ette, and [personal profile] wolfwarrior. Wolfie is planning on riding her (new, expensive) motorbike, but if people ask nicely, Bob/ette may have 2 spaces in her car (especially if you are/can be at uni). But I haven't checked that, so don't count on it until you check. Other than that, can't help with the transport situation. Well, unless we all plan on catching the bus. Sorry

Your mission, if you chose to accept it - Comment if you read this post, so I know who I need to chase up about this. Even if you aren't planning on coming, let me know so I don't have to ring you at innapropriate times, 'K?


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