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*Stands triumphantly on top of pile of massacred assessment, yodeling 'We Are The Champions'*

Yes, folks, Lyore is officially back. Handed in my last piece of assessment this morning. Last Ever Piece of Undergraduate Assessment (excluding exams - touch wood).

Though, failing would be good from the point of view of having another year of high speed internet access and the uni network. Unfortunately, failing would be bad due to the slightly more hazardous fact that my parents would shoot me before I could use my high speed internet access. *sigh*

Hmm, Makybe Diva just won the Melbourne Cup, AKA 'The-race-that-stops-a-nation-except-for-Lyore's-semiconductor-tute' *growls*. I like watching it, even when I haven't backed anyone. AND this year I picked the winner - well, me and the rest of the country. I think I can hear the screams of anguish from the Bookies now.

Other random things which have landed in my inbox and I thought I might share
HP Flying car stolen )

You know, just cause the car couldn't be DRIVEN away...

On a more sinister note... EM mind control )

That's so wrong. What's worse is that I could kinda get behind the whole defense ideas - subduing someone temporarily is infinitely preferable to shooting them, IMO. But something which can actually control your actions? No thanks. *glares suspiciously at iPod*

Revenge of the Sith is released here tomorrow, but I will... not... buy... it... *closes eyes and thinks of Boxsets. Expensive, entire saga Boxsets* Someone grab one of those mind control thingys and steer me AWAY from the DVD stores, please.

Random Observation of the Day - In regards to the 'pick the horse with the interesting colours' system of betting, this was moderately successful - red and white checks plus the southern cross. Not too bad. You know, someone should find out if horses with two names do better in the Melbourne cup than horses with one (Makybe Diva, Phar Lap... )

EDIT - cause I was bored... )

EDIT again - to fix MDs colours and to let you all know - in NSW, people bet $59 million on the TAB alone for the Melbourne cup. Wow.
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Warning - Rabid Physics Geekiness Ahead. Read At Your Own Risk.

Due to one of my lecturers being completely slack and unable to organise any actual labs to take place in our laboratory slot, I had to go on a tour of the Dept of Electronic Materials Engineering (over in the research school) today. Which would have been fine, if I hadn't already done it four times. It's getting to the stage I could run the damn tour myself. *sigh*

Bring on the geekiness... )

Moronic question of the day - When looking at a prototype testing chamber for plasma thrusters (you know, to use for space ships), a girl asked 'so, isn't it a little small? I mean, wouldn't you need like hundreds of these to push a space ship?" Well, yes moron, this is why this is PROOF OF CONCEPT only... I mean, nice as it would be to build a full-scale plasma engine before they even know if this type works properly, it may get a tad expensive. Thinking back, she was annoying through the whole thing... I think some people just can't help it.

Random Observation of the Day - Sometimes, my geekiness astounds even me...


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