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May. 28th, 2008 09:48 pm
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Fanlistings. I don't get them. Am I missing something, or is this some hang-over of pre-internet fandom I'm not getting? Just... what's the point?


In my search for good X-men (movieverse) fic, I found the [community profile] xmmficathon archive. I've justed started reading through the 2004 entries, and wow - so far, every fic has been worth reading. Just wow.

All this great fic, sitting there on LJ. It got me thinking about reviewing older fanworks (fic, in this case, but the point is just as valid for art), and how, after all this time, I feel sorta odd, leaving a comment. I'm not sure why. A year, two years, no problem. But four?

Perhaps it's because people's fannish lives are so transitory, especially on LJ. 4 years is an eternity, and people move on, from fandoms and genres and writing styles. It almost seems like an intrusion to comment and have a slice of then emailed into people's inboxes.

On the other hand, if anyone dug up one of my fics and commented on it in 4 years time, I'm pretty sure I'd be thrilled.

Anyway. Comments? Anyone else have a personal statute of limitations on reviewing?

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My LJ has been devoid of significant content lately (why Hello Thar, Real Life), so I was planning on doing that TV Show meme that's been going around - hey, at least it's fannish! But I got bogged down on the last question, so I present you:

(Abridged) TV Show Meme, and some musings )

You Fail LJ

Aug. 3rd, 2007 09:12 pm
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AGH. LJ is at it again.

I just... agh. I was defending them last time, I believed their apology, and now this? I'm so glad I didn't cave to temptation to get a permanent account - at least I can stop paying them money. Anyone know how to turn off autopayments? (It annoys me that I just renewed, but I suppose I can console myself with the thought that I'm not seeing their precious advertiser's ads in the meantime.)

Plus, doing this just after changing the way deleted journals are displayed? Subtle, guys.

(And is anyone else slightly suspicious that they've only (AFAIK) gone after content with homosexual content/overtones? Just sayin'.)

I know this is going to fuel the 'let's all leave LJ' debate. I'd be sorry to go - my friends are here, my communities are here, not to mention a few years worth of entries. But I'll follow the fandom - that's why I'm here, after all. Of course, we could all hang around waiting for everyone else to leave and never get anywhere :)

I have heard a few people mention trying to get some sort of 'switch over date' consenus, which would be interesting (both to implement and watch. Organising Fandom = Herding Cats). Still, given the current political/social climate, especially in the US, I'm not convinced any of the other journal-hosting services would be better.

Anyway. I'm Lyore on InsaneJournal and GreatestJournal, for those of you with journals/backups/name claims over there.

On a slightly happier topic, I have discovered Chris Eccleston is going to be the Black Rider in the Dark is Rising adaption. OTOH, they are changing the name to The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. I'm not sure what the rationale behind this is, unless they are trying to tap into the Harry Potter connotations of the word Seeker. But, Chris Eccleston.

Hmm. Speaking of The Dark is Rising I think it is definitely time I re-read the books.
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A few completely unrelated notes:

1) For those of you who haven't seen [profile] tkp's Pictorial Log of the wait for 6A/LJ's explanation, I suggest you check it out. It's a compilation of icons/banners/macros and images posted on the [site community profile] dw_news thread during the Great Wait, and it's a wonderful insight into the collective fannish brain. Oh, and did I mention it's funny?

2) For those of you interested in Gender in fandom, Henry Jenkin's blog has the first of a series of gender and fan studies conversations. A side conversation can be found here. I haven't had time to really check these discussions out, but they promise to be interesting.

3) I never mentioned that my Royal Guard helmet arrived, did I? Well, it did, and it is cool.

4) Finally got around to watching West Wing. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not sure if I could ever get really fannish about the show - my lack of knowledge of US politics means I'm left inferring a lot of things from the context, and it lacks the 'epicness' normally required to really suck me in.
ETA ARRGHH! Cliffhangers!

But I still have the urge to read some West Wing/Invisible Man or West Wing/Stargate SG-1 crossovers. C'mon people, rec me up! :)
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LJ issues a statement

Well, took 'em long enough, but looks like our journals are going back up. They better, or there'll be hell to pay.

At least they are admitting they made a mistake.

ETA: Reading through the comments to the post, I'm starting to feel sympathy and a tiny bit of admiration for [profile] barakb25. None of it excuses the complete lack of communication (not to mention the absolute fuck-up in the first place), but he sounds sincere, apologetic, and dignified in his statements. (Chris Williams, start taking notes - this is how you apologise!) Of course, I retain the right to withdraw this comment if the communities and journals don't get back up in the next couple of days :)
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Sheesh. Between this and the continuing FanLib thing, I'm getting seriously overloaded on the Fandom drama. One things for sure - I was considering trying to get a permanent account when they go on sale, but there's not a chance in hell of me doing that now.

For some reason, I'm still more upset/annoyed about FanLib (not that I'm NOT bloody pissed about this), but I think that's mostly because it has the potential to follow fandom wherever it's hosted. At least LJ arbitrarily deleting accounts without investigation, as bloody insane infuriating as it is, can be countered moving. And I seriously doubt LJ will keep this up once WfI and their friends get bored, declare 'victory' and find a new target.

So, to make up for the crappiness of the news hitting LJ today, I shall share this rather amusing YouTube video
I stumbled across last night. Star Wars - The Empire Brokeback.

Oh, and a nice, rational post by profic author Elizabeth Moon Bear on fanfic. I have some of Elizabeth Moon books, been meaning to get some more. This just encouraged me to move her books to the top of my list.

Enjoy - and then go check your Interests, just to be safe.

Edited to fix my bloody stupid mistake. *Sigh* It's been one of those days.
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I was reading my way through [community profile] metafandom, and I came across a couple of people honestly enquiring how what FanLib was doing was any different to FFN, giving that both are funded by advertisements. I wrote up a nice, long comment, and then LJ ate it and crashed Safari. So I've lost not only the comment, but who I was replying to in the first place.

But, since writing it out helped me to get my thoughts in order, I thought I might revisit it here.

The difference that fans are reacting to is, in my mind, the matter of a) intent, and b) appearance, and c) risk )

I'm not a big fan of FFN, but I think to equate the two is to miss some very fundamental issues that get to the heart of the whole FanLib debate.

ETA Relevant Blog post by profic author here " I’m willing to look the other way for fans, who are just enjoying themselves and not bothering to try to do anything other than have fun. I’m less inclined to look the other way when someone is trying to build a business a) off my fans without compensating them; b) off of my universe and characters without compensating me."

Yeah, what he said.
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[profile] seldear posted this link A study of LJ friending and friendships - David Fono . An interesting read, although it really doesn't say much that I hadn't already observed myself. But he did a study, with a methodology and everything, so now it's official :)

But I found this quote interesting - "Robert Putnam expresses the popular academic viewpoint that online relationships are inherently dysfunctional by default, because they do not actually permit the formation of rich social capital."

Personally, I don't consider my lj 'friendships' any more dysfunctional than my real life friendships. And, just like RL, I have different levels and types of 'friendship' with different people in my flist. Some on my flist are acquantainces, some are better friends, depending on the degree of interaction.

Anyway, enough of that. As well as spending some quality time bonding with the internet now I have my BB to myself, I've also finished the rough draft of the 'SG-1 watches Serenity' fic. It still has a way to go before I'd send it off to be beta'd, but I was wondering -anyone want to volunteer? Ideally, I'd be looking for advice on the characterisation and dialogue primarily, but also on the concept itself, since this is basically a ten-page fic of not very much substance. Pretty much an exercise in seeing whether I could write their voices, with hopefully a little bit of humour thrown in. And I really need someone who will tell me if it sucks - this is the first time I've tried anything remotely like this *is nervous*. Oh, and knowledge of Firefly/Serenity is not necessary, although would be nice. So, after that demanding list of requirements, are there any takers?

In other news, according to my completely reliable survey, the most popular Winchester in SPN is... the Metallicar, with 43% of the vote! Closely followed by Sam and Dean, tied with 29% each. (These figures brought to you by the Department of Rounding and Statistical Abuse.)

Today's random fact - I finally found out what GIP means. It's been bugging me for ages...
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Yesterday was apparently "Take your Fandom to Work Day". Every time I turned around I was being bludgeoned with fandom references. Think I'm kidding?

It started when I was checking some problems in one of our contracts. To sort things out, I had to use forms SG-1 and SG-2. Which brought a smile to my face, until I actually tried to figure out exactly how I was supposed to fill them in. So, I called the department concerned, and ended up speaking to a lady named Tauri. Luckily, it was over the phone, so she couldn't see my face when she introduced herself.

After sorting out all my Stargate/Contract problems, I had meetings concerning the FMA Act. Which of course translated itself in my mind into Fullmetal Alchemist . Then I went for lunch, down to the cafeteria. Where all the serving people were wearing blue gloves. I had 'two by two, hands of blue' running through my head for my entire break, but everyone survived without major incident.

After lunch was fairly uneventful - the only occurence of my fandoms was someone doing their best Sergant Scultz impersonation - 'I know Nuth-ing'. Some things will never go out of style :)

Anyone else ever have days like this?
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Since I got tagged - 'Write out any (as many as you'd like) plots/story-ideas (from any fandom) that you would LIKE to write, but can't seem to fully realize. You don't have to give away plot points, just a general idea.' )

On the topic of fic, [profile] redbyrd_sgfic has a couple of new-to-the-web fics up. I recommend checking them out, but make sure you have a fair chunk of time free.

This evening has been spent photoshopping some 'reminder' notices for [profile] bob_ette. She says she'll notice them more with Dean and Sam on them, but I think she just wants an excuse to have pictures of the Supernatural boys on the refridgerator. And the bathroom mirror. And the milk. Not that I mind, since it meant I spent the last hour or so staring at a picture of a very nice looking Dean...

I also have a few SG-1 and Dr Who icons in the works. Decided it was about time that I got a Daniel icon :)
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First of all Original Original Star Wars on DVD! Is it a coincidence that this was announced on SW day? :) (Well, OK, it actually got posted yesterday, but I found out today, so it still counts.) Thanks to [profile] spitefairy for the head's up.

I now have all the released episodes of (new) Dr Who, thanks to [profile] go_the_brumbies. And I'm up to episode 41 of FMA - did I mention I was really loving this show? Only 10 more to go... You'll get thoughts on the whole thing when I'm done.

I would also like to say the the SPN fandom has the politest, most considerate wank around. Which, considering the subject matter of said debate, is rather surprising. It makes me feel that there is hope for fandom at large.

I tried to buy Advent Children yesterday (yeah, cause I need more DVDs to watch :P), but JB, the only place that was open, didn't have the cool metal case I want, and Ezy DVD does. I'll head over there after work tomorrow, and then I really need to stop spending money. Except apparently there's a Stormtrooper version of Mr Potato Head (Tater Trooper!), which I want too... Not to mention, Darth Maul's Lightsabre (force effects version) but I think that may be a little out of my price range :(

'Part from that, life has been very boring. Go to work, do nothing, come home, watch something, go to bed. *sigh*

Right. Off to watch more FMA before bed.


May. 1st, 2006 09:54 pm
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I hate Mondays. I really, really do.

Except for Supernatural, which was actually on this week. Yay! But jeez, Channel 10 is pissing me off. Last week, no Supernatural. This week, no SVU, so they could show the latest reality TV special. Tonight, Supernatural 20 minutes late, because of Big Brother. When it finally started, we got the bottom banners flashing up, advertising, you guessed it, Big Brother. Just... no. That show is annoying at the best of times, the least they could do is keep it safely contained in it's own timeslot, and stop the toxic stupidity infecting everything else.

I have a new plan. [profile] bob_ette is currently on a boycotting big business kick, and I think I may join her. Except I'll boycott everything that advertises during the parts of Big Brother which run into Supernatural time. Sounds like a plan to me.

Anyway, up to episode 25 of FMA. Good Stuff.

Right. So, I promised [profile] cloverfizz a list of ships for my shows, since we decided this topic was getting outside of worksafe boundaries. Except, since this is me, Gen-Girl extraordinaire, it's more a list of ships-I-don't-despise. Anyway, for those new to my lj, this may be enlightening. In no particular order )

Right. Pretty sure I missed some, but that should give people a general idea of what I read (and what fandoms) when I can't find gen.

Also, my phone? Psychotically happy. It's kinda scary. I want a new one.
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Look! A header! And all it cost was twenty minutes on photoshop, 5 minutes figuring out the customisation thingy, thanks to a handy-dandy tutorial, and $25US. Yeah, that's right, I finally bit the bullet and bought a paid account. Figured the amount of time I spend on here, I probably should - and besides, I wanted more icon space. And a cool header (go check it out!)

During my morning's perusal of lj and other internet-type places, I found this link. It's an audio interview praising fanficion, but using the dubious example of Lori Jareo to do it. Blurb is under here )

Ok, I'm glad they like fanfic, it's nice to get some positive press for a change, but you think you could not praise the person who broke just about every unwritten fanfic rule there is? I thought it was an interesting article, mostly because they are praising fanfic writers for their dedication, and I get the feeling that they are just using the Jareo thing as an excuse to talk about fanfic, but still...

Remember a day or so ago, when I was saying I had all this stuff to watch? It just got worse. I went round to [profile] cloverfizz's place yesterday, and came back with the full series of Full Metal Alchemist. So far, I've only seen the first 9 episodes, but it's so cute, even with the random anime style things. Cut for anyone who hasn't seen it and wants too )

So yeah, if I've completely dropped out of sight in RL, it's only because I'm buried in a pile of DVDs. Feel free to come and join me, anytime :)

On other news, [profile] bob_ette just walked out of her bedroom, looking like a cockatoo. Seriously, any rooster would be proud of that comb :P
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You know, it's weird how I look for different things in different fandoms. Am I the only one who does this?

I mean, I'm into the Stargate SG-1 fandom purely for the fic, but I'm a sucker for Star Wars meta (although well written (OT, gen) fic is always good). Harry Potter was about half-and-half meta and fic, back when I was a big-time fan. Dr Who is great for the general squee! ness, but I don't really want to read fic for it, and Supernatural is all about the visual candy (OK, partly this is out of an attempt to stay unspoiled).

Thinking about it, I guess it mostly has to do with the way I relate to the source material. Stargate, for instance - Don't get me wrong, I love that show to pieces, but for it's potential, as well as what it is. When you combine the gaping plot holes, the inconsistent characterisation and character development, and the complete lack of resolution to most of the episodes, it's crying out for decent fanfic to fill in the gaps. Whereas Star Wars, prequels and all, doesn't have that feeling of incompleteness to me. I still love good 'missing moment' fics, but I don't really need them to get a sense of what the movies are saying (OK, maybe for the prequels...). On the other hand, I will go hunting for good meta concerning any of the characters, even the ones I don't particularly like, just to see other peoples interpretations.

I don't even know if that makes sense, but it's after midnight, and I have to be up in 6 hours.
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Hello, people *waves madly to all her new friends*

In honour of all the new people on my flist, I feel like I should say something profound, or at least Star Wars-focused.


Nope, nothing's coming to me. Sorry.

In fact, I really have nothing at all interesting to say, I just figured I should say hi to everyone. But I will share the random musing which has been bugging me for the last few days - Why do all Sci-Fi swear words start with 'f'? )

Also, good luck to all the people on my flist who have job interviews in the next few days. Reading through, it's been like an epidemic of potential employment (but in a good way, of course). Hmmm... hopefully none of them are going for the same job. But anyway, Good Luck, all!

RL note - for those of you who haven't got the email about the housewarming, let me know.

(This update proudly brought to you by the letter 'F')
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I have goodies for people today.

First, an interview with the Mythbusters talking about Star Wars. After discovering that Adam worked on the Prequels too, I now adore him more than ever. My opinion of the movies just increased, too :) Link is here. But, for those like me, who find that the official Star Wars site is about the slowest site in existance, the full text is below the cut.

Mythbusters talk Star Wars )

Secondly, I have a few more icons. Not many - my sisters put in requests for wallpapers, so I've been filling those first :) They may or may not be posted up here, depending if I decide that a) they are fit for public consumption and b) anyone else would be interested. For the icons with different version, I'd appreciate if people would let me know which one they prefer, so I can figure out what works best.

Here be icons )

Only four days til I leave home for good. Unfortunately, some pretty awful shit has happened round here, and I really wish I wasn't going right now. Not that me being here will make any difference, but *shrugs*. The timing could have been better.
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Interrupting the editing of a friend's thesis to bring you important breaking news - Season 3 of the Pretender is being released on the 14th February. Read all about it here

Apparently my amazing consumer powers are working after all, hey [profile] psuedoskribe?

I would be excited, but I'm just too damn tired *yawn*

Oh, and the exam today was fairly ordinary. All keep your figures crossed that I passed, 'cause at the moment, I really want out of uni.
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*Stands triumphantly on top of pile of massacred assessment, yodeling 'We Are The Champions'*

Yes, folks, Lyore is officially back. Handed in my last piece of assessment this morning. Last Ever Piece of Undergraduate Assessment (excluding exams - touch wood).

Though, failing would be good from the point of view of having another year of high speed internet access and the uni network. Unfortunately, failing would be bad due to the slightly more hazardous fact that my parents would shoot me before I could use my high speed internet access. *sigh*

Hmm, Makybe Diva just won the Melbourne Cup, AKA 'The-race-that-stops-a-nation-except-for-Lyore's-semiconductor-tute' *growls*. I like watching it, even when I haven't backed anyone. AND this year I picked the winner - well, me and the rest of the country. I think I can hear the screams of anguish from the Bookies now.

Other random things which have landed in my inbox and I thought I might share
HP Flying car stolen )

You know, just cause the car couldn't be DRIVEN away...

On a more sinister note... EM mind control )

That's so wrong. What's worse is that I could kinda get behind the whole defense ideas - subduing someone temporarily is infinitely preferable to shooting them, IMO. But something which can actually control your actions? No thanks. *glares suspiciously at iPod*

Revenge of the Sith is released here tomorrow, but I will... not... buy... it... *closes eyes and thinks of Boxsets. Expensive, entire saga Boxsets* Someone grab one of those mind control thingys and steer me AWAY from the DVD stores, please.

Random Observation of the Day - In regards to the 'pick the horse with the interesting colours' system of betting, this was moderately successful - red and white checks plus the southern cross. Not too bad. You know, someone should find out if horses with two names do better in the Melbourne cup than horses with one (Makybe Diva, Phar Lap... )

EDIT - cause I was bored... )

EDIT again - to fix MDs colours and to let you all know - in NSW, people bet $59 million on the TAB alone for the Melbourne cup. Wow.

Good News!

Oct. 25th, 2005 11:03 am
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Wow - so relieved at the moment.

After explaining the situation to my lecturer, they've said that I can use my group certificate as proof of employment for my work experience report. *heaves massive sigh of relief*

You have no idea how much less stressed I feel.

Plus, this arvo's presentation (on Bosch etching, if anyone cares) is consistently clocking in on time, so that is nice :) Still needs work, but it is passable now.

Then , when I was checking my mail, I saw the notice that Stargate SG-1 has been picked up for a 10th season! *does happy dance*
And yes, so was Atlantis - no word on BSG at the mo, but they would be crazy to cancel it, its their highest rating show.

So, all is right with both my real-life and fandom worlds.

Trying to wipe the massive grin of my face, but it's not working.

: D



Nope, still there : D
Oh well.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I tried ringing Mr Personnel manager again this morning. This time he'd gone into town.

Random Observation of the Day - Isn't it nice when things just work?
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Found these in my inbox this arvo, thought I should share

Buffy Musical on stage )

That I'd pay to see!

Serenity No. 1 in the UK )

The UK browncoats have been saying they were going to ride to the rescue of the BDM - nice to see they came through! Go the Pommies! It feels strangely wrong to be cheering for them, but I'll forgive them the ashes if they get this movie a sequel!


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