Mar. 5th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Icon Dump

41 Star Wars Lego
5 Bleach
4 Dr Who (Girl in the Fireplace)

accurate woe wookie rukia

Here be icons )

Comment and credit would be great.

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Broke out the photoshop again today, in response to request in [community profile] torch_wood by [personal profile] puritybrown (snoggage icons featuring 'We also fight aliens' and 'You don't have to be bisexual to work here, but it helps'). Figured I might as well put them up here too, in case I have any closet Torchwood fans in my flist.

twenty first century torchwood title

Cut for space, spoilers and variations on a theme )
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Today is my First Official Sickday. Apparently, I should keep up the great Aussie Sickie tradition of nicking off to the beach, but a) the closest beach is a few hours away, and b) I really don't feel up to it. So I am updating my livejournal instead.

I said a few days ago that I was photoshopping a bunch of reminders for my sister. I'm quiet pleased with how they turned out, and since [profile] bob_ette also wanted to show them off, I thought I'd dump them up here. If nothing else, pictures of the SPN boys can always cheer up your day.

Two more under the cut )

I also made a shiny new icon. *points to icon*
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OK, spent Saturday at [personal profile] necromage and [profile] pseudoskribe's place, with the rest of the gang. Mage played KH2 (awesome graphics) and I spent the day making icons.

01. 02. 03.

The rest are under here )

Phew. Got that lot out of the way

This is my hundredth entry. Plus, as of this moment, I have posted 666 comments. Huh.
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Made the mistake of wandering around some icon-making type places yesterday, and got all depressed at my lack of icon making ability. But then I figured, the only way to get better was to keep going, and since I feel guilty spending time making them and then not using them (I know - my brain is weird, but somehow, posting them on my lj is sufficient justification for it), I figured I'd put the next lot up anyway. Besides, some of these I'm actually moderately happy with.

So here goes - Supernatural, Battlestar Galatica, Bad Taste Bears, and a few odds and sods. Yes, I have eclectic tastes.

here be icons )

Also, does anyone know of any good Star Wars discussion comms?
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Spent the majority of my time at work today trying to explain the concept of Mary Sues to people with little or no fandom experience, via email. Was probably the most interesting conversation I've had at work. I did back away from addressing the question of slash, though.

As promised, some Star Wars media for you. Icons and Wallpapers, Clone Wars and OT based.

The Icons )

The Wallpapers )

You were going to get some Supernatural and Battlestar Icons (points at userpic), but I think this post is about to sink under the weight of the images, so I'll put them up tomorrow.


Apr. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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OK, well if I'm going to continue on this icon making kick, I'd better start one of these.

Without further ado )
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I have goodies for people today.

First, an interview with the Mythbusters talking about Star Wars. After discovering that Adam worked on the Prequels too, I now adore him more than ever. My opinion of the movies just increased, too :) Link is here. But, for those like me, who find that the official Star Wars site is about the slowest site in existance, the full text is below the cut.

Mythbusters talk Star Wars )

Secondly, I have a few more icons. Not many - my sisters put in requests for wallpapers, so I've been filling those first :) They may or may not be posted up here, depending if I decide that a) they are fit for public consumption and b) anyone else would be interested. For the icons with different version, I'd appreciate if people would let me know which one they prefer, so I can figure out what works best.

Here be icons )

Only four days til I leave home for good. Unfortunately, some pretty awful shit has happened round here, and I really wish I wasn't going right now. Not that me being here will make any difference, but *shrugs*. The timing could have been better.
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RL - I know what Wolfy did this summer )

While waiting for the guests to arrive, I decided to play with photoshop. Feeling moderately proud of myself, I then wanted to share the fruits of my labour on lj, which required me to learn how to stick pictures in a post. I think I have it sorted - I guess we'll find out :) Therefore, this entry will be a work in progress for the next few minutes (hours) until I figure out what I am doing. Be gentle with me - it's my first time :)

Photoshop Madness - Star Wars and Buffy (Giles) icons. And a wallpaper. )

Did that work? And can anyone tell me if I can make the wallpaper show up smaller?

Random Observation of the Day - I like photoshop.


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