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1. The amazon stuff arrived today. Apparently they heard all the mental cursing and shouting.

2. My internet is down. This update is brought to you courtesy of [profile] cloverfizz who has kindly let me borrow her internet connection. This means my presence online will be sproadic at best.

3. Saw the FMA movie. Meh - not too bad. Not as good as the series.

Now my lift is going to bed, so I need to leave.


May. 9th, 2006 12:00 am
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Finally got to the end of FMA (the series, not the movie). All I have to say is... wtf? ) I don't dislike the ending, it's strangely fitting, but still - that one came from left field.
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First of all Original Original Star Wars on DVD! Is it a coincidence that this was announced on SW day? :) (Well, OK, it actually got posted yesterday, but I found out today, so it still counts.) Thanks to [profile] spitefairy for the head's up.

I now have all the released episodes of (new) Dr Who, thanks to [profile] go_the_brumbies. And I'm up to episode 41 of FMA - did I mention I was really loving this show? Only 10 more to go... You'll get thoughts on the whole thing when I'm done.

I would also like to say the the SPN fandom has the politest, most considerate wank around. Which, considering the subject matter of said debate, is rather surprising. It makes me feel that there is hope for fandom at large.

I tried to buy Advent Children yesterday (yeah, cause I need more DVDs to watch :P), but JB, the only place that was open, didn't have the cool metal case I want, and Ezy DVD does. I'll head over there after work tomorrow, and then I really need to stop spending money. Except apparently there's a Stormtrooper version of Mr Potato Head (Tater Trooper!), which I want too... Not to mention, Darth Maul's Lightsabre (force effects version) but I think that may be a little out of my price range :(

'Part from that, life has been very boring. Go to work, do nothing, come home, watch something, go to bed. *sigh*

Right. Off to watch more FMA before bed.


May. 1st, 2006 09:54 pm
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I hate Mondays. I really, really do.

Except for Supernatural, which was actually on this week. Yay! But jeez, Channel 10 is pissing me off. Last week, no Supernatural. This week, no SVU, so they could show the latest reality TV special. Tonight, Supernatural 20 minutes late, because of Big Brother. When it finally started, we got the bottom banners flashing up, advertising, you guessed it, Big Brother. Just... no. That show is annoying at the best of times, the least they could do is keep it safely contained in it's own timeslot, and stop the toxic stupidity infecting everything else.

I have a new plan. [profile] bob_ette is currently on a boycotting big business kick, and I think I may join her. Except I'll boycott everything that advertises during the parts of Big Brother which run into Supernatural time. Sounds like a plan to me.

Anyway, up to episode 25 of FMA. Good Stuff.

Right. So, I promised [profile] cloverfizz a list of ships for my shows, since we decided this topic was getting outside of worksafe boundaries. Except, since this is me, Gen-Girl extraordinaire, it's more a list of ships-I-don't-despise. Anyway, for those new to my lj, this may be enlightening. In no particular order )

Right. Pretty sure I missed some, but that should give people a general idea of what I read (and what fandoms) when I can't find gen.

Also, my phone? Psychotically happy. It's kinda scary. I want a new one.


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