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Well, I've survived my first week of work. Go me. Granted, 4 of the 5 days were induction and training, but still. 1 week done, 40 odd years to go... The early mornings are already killing me.

Work-type stuff )

Still trying to get internet access at the apartment. At least I've started to sort out who DOESN'T offer broadband in my suburb. Everyone else are basically being complete pains - all I need to know is availability and price, is that so bloody hard?!

But, having nothing else to do, I've made lots of icons, which may be shared at some point.

Ok, finally some interesting stuff. For the Pretender fans amoung you, a link to the producers of the series discussing (amoung other things) Micheal T. Wiess' hair. Video files linked from this page -

Yes, so. Think I will end this before everything gets even more incoherent.
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Interrupting the editing of a friend's thesis to bring you important breaking news - Season 3 of the Pretender is being released on the 14th February. Read all about it here

Apparently my amazing consumer powers are working after all, hey [profile] psuedoskribe?

I would be excited, but I'm just too damn tired *yawn*

Oh, and the exam today was fairly ordinary. All keep your figures crossed that I passed, 'cause at the moment, I really want out of uni.
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Yay! Got the DVDs (Pretender and Hogan's Heroes, season 2) from amazon today. Only two weeks before they said it would show up - I thought that a month for delivery, even from America to Australia, was a little pessimistic. Unless they were planning to swim it over.

Of course, since I checked my mail just before I had to go to class (you know, cause I only got up just before I had to go to class), I then had to sit through two ultra boring hours of basic quantum mechanics, when all I really wanted to be doing was checking out my newest acquisitions. Now, it's fairly well known that I have issues with QM at the best of times, but this was stuff even I understood - whats more, I understood it the first time round. There are definitely drawbacks to doing a combined degree.

Still, it was eventually over, and I got to retire to the wonders of Mr Lyle and Brigitte, and a bunch of really dumb germans. Good times were had by all (OK, by me, but that's all that counts). Minor annoyance - the Pretender DVDs are still double sided, which is just a pain - mostly cause I can never figure out which way I should be putting up. Oh well, there's only two choices, so I guess I'll manage to cope :)

I even made some progress filling out the job-related paperwork - just waiting on a few minor details and the delivery of some documents, and I may be able to finally remove the Leaning Tower of security forms from my desk.

All in all, a good day.

Random Observation of the Day - Whoever (Whomever?) draws up these forms definitely has some sort of supernatural ability. They predicted the exact amount of space I needed to answer each question, and then they halved it.


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