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Sheesh. Between this and the continuing FanLib thing, I'm getting seriously overloaded on the Fandom drama. One things for sure - I was considering trying to get a permanent account when they go on sale, but there's not a chance in hell of me doing that now.

For some reason, I'm still more upset/annoyed about FanLib (not that I'm NOT bloody pissed about this), but I think that's mostly because it has the potential to follow fandom wherever it's hosted. At least LJ arbitrarily deleting accounts without investigation, as bloody insane infuriating as it is, can be countered moving. And I seriously doubt LJ will keep this up once WfI and their friends get bored, declare 'victory' and find a new target.

So, to make up for the crappiness of the news hitting LJ today, I shall share this rather amusing YouTube video
I stumbled across last night. Star Wars - The Empire Brokeback.

Oh, and a nice, rational post by profic author Elizabeth Moon Bear on fanfic. I have some of Elizabeth Moon books, been meaning to get some more. This just encouraged me to move her books to the top of my list.

Enjoy - and then go check your Interests, just to be safe.

Edited to fix my bloody stupid mistake. *Sigh* It's been one of those days.
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I was reading my way through [community profile] metafandom, and I came across a couple of people honestly enquiring how what FanLib was doing was any different to FFN, giving that both are funded by advertisements. I wrote up a nice, long comment, and then LJ ate it and crashed Safari. So I've lost not only the comment, but who I was replying to in the first place.

But, since writing it out helped me to get my thoughts in order, I thought I might revisit it here.

The difference that fans are reacting to is, in my mind, the matter of a) intent, and b) appearance, and c) risk )

I'm not a big fan of FFN, but I think to equate the two is to miss some very fundamental issues that get to the heart of the whole FanLib debate.

ETA Relevant Blog post by profic author here " I’m willing to look the other way for fans, who are just enjoying themselves and not bothering to try to do anything other than have fun. I’m less inclined to look the other way when someone is trying to build a business a) off my fans without compensating them; b) off of my universe and characters without compensating me."

Yeah, what he said.


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