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Ah, it's nice to be back with regular internet access again. Well, technically I've had access all week, but I've spent that time mainlining the BBC series Merlin. My god, that show is pure, pure crack. Slashy, silly, insane crack.

But since I'm now up to date, I spent this afternoon looking for Merlin vids to feed my habit. Hence, vid recs.

The Bitch Prince by Fabella ([profile] wistful_fever).
Summary: '"No. No way. There must be another Arthur because this one's an idiot!" We love Arthur, Merlin loves Arthur, but wow, some days, he is so close to being smothered with a pillow.'

Beverly Hills by [personal profile] giandujakiss
Summary: Camelot = Beverly Hills. 'Nuff Said.

For a complete change of pace:
Non Lievi Alchun by [profile] halcyon_shift
Summary: 'For it giveth unto all lovers courage.' Morgana/Gwen.

And, for your Random Fandom rec, this vid by [personal profile] bananainpyjamas singlehandedly made me want to start to watch Smallville again. Must... resist... the urge...
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Exam is over. Yay! I shall commence the celebration by bringing you more recs. This time, crossovers, as promised.

Crossover recs under the cut )

I've decided the hardest part of this reccing business is deciding which fics to leave for next time. So may shiny fics on my list, especially crossovers. If I tried to do them all at once, this post would never end.

Let me know if this format is working for people.


Jul. 28th, 2008 03:42 pm
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It would be nice if I could stand up for more than 10 minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out. On the other hand, all this time off work has given me plenty of time to catch up with the latest fandom kerfuffles. Wow.

To make myself feel even slightly productive, I have a rec:

Out for Blood by [personal profile] superbadgirl
Supernatural/NCIS crossover. Long and plotty gen (38,000 words), with the added bonus of Dean and Tony whumping. Yummy.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 10:36 pm
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I've been tagged a couple of times with the 'random things' meme. Unfortunately, since I am currently failing to think of interesting or indeed random things about myself, I figured we'd play 'random recs' instead.

Yeah, didn't think you'd mind.

Flight, by [profile] apathocles.
Fandom: X-men (movieverse).
Characters: Kitty, Piotr, others. Gen.
Length: Approx 10,000 words
What happened to the children who escaped when the soldiers invaded the mansion?

And all but he departed by [profile] kellifer_fic
Fandom: Supernatural/Discworld Crossover
Characters: Sam, Dean, Death.
Length: Approx 5000 words
Death investigates the concept of job sharing.

Ghost in the Machine by [personal profile] dotfic
Fandom: Supernatural/Iron Man (movieverse)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Tony, Pepper.
Length: Approx 500 words
When your mechanical superhero suit is haunted, who you gonna call?

This is how the Universe Ends by shewhoguards
Fandom: Torchwood/Discworld
Characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Death
Even the Universe dies. Unfortunately, a certain immutable fact causes a slight snag in the proceedings.

By The Dawn's Early Light by [profile] andrastewhite
Fandom: X-Men (movieverse)
Characters: Xavier, Stryker, Jason
Length: Approx 2000 words
Xavier meets his first student.

My Supernatural Smackdown by [personal profile] gekizetsu
Fandom: Supernatural/Scrubs
Characters: Sam, Dean, JD, Dr Cox, Doug
Length: Approx 5000 words
Sam ends up in hospital. A vampire is decapitated in a stairwell with a bone saw.

Despite the recs, I am seriously behind on reading fic. So to those of you on my flist who've been posting recently, it's all bookmarked, I assure you.

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I think it's about time for some new Star Wars recs, don't you?

So, without further ado:

A trilogy of one-shots by [personal profile] fialleril. Obi-wan, Anakin, and the rain.
Gen, introspective, and hauntingly beautiful.

Shadowed Reflection by deaka.
A lone Jedi faces a malevolent Emperor... but all may not be as you think.
An incredible dark AU one-shot - so much backstory invoked, but the fic remains completely focused. Chilling, and wonderful.

(And while you're at it, check out Desert Drifting (Pre-ANH, Luke and Biggs), Pieces of Air" (Pre-ESB, Luke, with a side of Leia and Han, mild angst and h/c) and Shades of Doubt (Post ESB, Luke thinks about Vader's revelation), by the same author.)

Finally, if there is anyone out there who reads WIPs, then I need to mention In the Empire's Shadow, by Lieutenant Dan. Post-ESB and Pre-RotJ, it has a full cast of movie characters, plus a few from the EU. So far, it's shaping up to be a good old-fashion Star Wars-style adventure. Could be straight out of the EU, except that it is, you know, actually good. (Note: this fic isn't marked as an AU, and so far, it isn't. However, I have no idea if it is going to stay that way.)

Enjoy :)
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Computer is still Dead, and not yet at the computer fixing shop due to insane work busy-ness. *sigh* So I've stolen [profile] bob_ette's, cause that's what sisters are for :)

In my frantic flicking through my flist, I have found two Doctor Whorelated gems for you: one fic and one vid.

First up: No Sleepers Must Sleep, by [personal profile] fahye. Lucy/Saxon, gorgeous characterisation and hypnotic language. So very good.

Next: Scattered, a Tenth Doctor fanvid by [personal profile] di_br. I'm not normally a fanvid type of person, but this is brilliant (not to mention a wonderful excuse to watch 4 minutes and 20-odd seconds of David Tennant hotness.)

And yes, this post is an indication that Doctor Who has eaten my brain. I need to watch something else to get it out of my head - I'm thinking Farscape, perhaps.

And now [profile] bob_ette wants her computer back, so I'll check in with you all tomorrow.
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Well, I couldn't let this day pass without comment, could I?

A couple of Star Wars flavoured links for you:

Death Star Convention Centre. Hopefully their Death Star survives longer than the first two...

Star Wars Fan charged with possessing an unregistered firearm How can a replica of Han Solo's Blaster be an unregistered firearm? It doesn't even fire!

Non-Star Wars related, but a complete classic anyway - [personal profile] carmarthen's The Trouble with Mad Scientists. Cause it's James Bond vs Velociraptors, and we all need more of that!

And LJ? If you eat this post, any more of my comments, or refuse to load other pages, I'll have [profile] carmathen set her velociraptors on you. Seriously. CUT IT OUT.


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