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A few completely unrelated notes:

1) For those of you who haven't seen [profile] tkp's Pictorial Log of the wait for 6A/LJ's explanation, I suggest you check it out. It's a compilation of icons/banners/macros and images posted on the [site community profile] dw_news thread during the Great Wait, and it's a wonderful insight into the collective fannish brain. Oh, and did I mention it's funny?

2) For those of you interested in Gender in fandom, Henry Jenkin's blog has the first of a series of gender and fan studies conversations. A side conversation can be found here. I haven't had time to really check these discussions out, but they promise to be interesting.

3) I never mentioned that my Royal Guard helmet arrived, did I? Well, it did, and it is cool.

4) Finally got around to watching West Wing. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not sure if I could ever get really fannish about the show - my lack of knowledge of US politics means I'm left inferring a lot of things from the context, and it lacks the 'epicness' normally required to really suck me in.
ETA ARRGHH! Cliffhangers!

But I still have the urge to read some West Wing/Invisible Man or West Wing/Stargate SG-1 crossovers. C'mon people, rec me up! :)
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LJ issues a statement

Well, took 'em long enough, but looks like our journals are going back up. They better, or there'll be hell to pay.

At least they are admitting they made a mistake.

ETA: Reading through the comments to the post, I'm starting to feel sympathy and a tiny bit of admiration for [profile] barakb25. None of it excuses the complete lack of communication (not to mention the absolute fuck-up in the first place), but he sounds sincere, apologetic, and dignified in his statements. (Chris Williams, start taking notes - this is how you apologise!) Of course, I retain the right to withdraw this comment if the communities and journals don't get back up in the next couple of days :)


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