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The stars have aligned, the inspiration has struck, and I've actually found some time. Yes, folks, I've actually written some fic! You can all blame the goodness of that conversation in the latest episode of Doctor Who

So, I'm looking for a beta - New!Who-verse, slight spoilers up to the most recent episode. 5 things fic, Jack and Doctor-centric, could possibly be read as slash if you really, really squinted. Nice and short, approx 1200 words.

Any takers?


Gah. Haven't got my Captain Jack icon uploaded - guess I'll have to make do with my emo!Dalek, instead.
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[profile] seldear posted this link A study of LJ friending and friendships - David Fono . An interesting read, although it really doesn't say much that I hadn't already observed myself. But he did a study, with a methodology and everything, so now it's official :)

But I found this quote interesting - "Robert Putnam expresses the popular academic viewpoint that online relationships are inherently dysfunctional by default, because they do not actually permit the formation of rich social capital."

Personally, I don't consider my lj 'friendships' any more dysfunctional than my real life friendships. And, just like RL, I have different levels and types of 'friendship' with different people in my flist. Some on my flist are acquantainces, some are better friends, depending on the degree of interaction.

Anyway, enough of that. As well as spending some quality time bonding with the internet now I have my BB to myself, I've also finished the rough draft of the 'SG-1 watches Serenity' fic. It still has a way to go before I'd send it off to be beta'd, but I was wondering -anyone want to volunteer? Ideally, I'd be looking for advice on the characterisation and dialogue primarily, but also on the concept itself, since this is basically a ten-page fic of not very much substance. Pretty much an exercise in seeing whether I could write their voices, with hopefully a little bit of humour thrown in. And I really need someone who will tell me if it sucks - this is the first time I've tried anything remotely like this *is nervous*. Oh, and knowledge of Firefly/Serenity is not necessary, although would be nice. So, after that demanding list of requirements, are there any takers?

In other news, according to my completely reliable survey, the most popular Winchester in SPN is... the Metallicar, with 43% of the vote! Closely followed by Sam and Dean, tied with 29% each. (These figures brought to you by the Department of Rounding and Statistical Abuse.)

Today's random fact - I finally found out what GIP means. It's been bugging me for ages...
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Since I got tagged - 'Write out any (as many as you'd like) plots/story-ideas (from any fandom) that you would LIKE to write, but can't seem to fully realize. You don't have to give away plot points, just a general idea.' )

On the topic of fic, [profile] redbyrd_sgfic has a couple of new-to-the-web fics up. I recommend checking them out, but make sure you have a fair chunk of time free.

This evening has been spent photoshopping some 'reminder' notices for [profile] bob_ette. She says she'll notice them more with Dean and Sam on them, but I think she just wants an excuse to have pictures of the Supernatural boys on the refridgerator. And the bathroom mirror. And the milk. Not that I mind, since it meant I spent the last hour or so staring at a picture of a very nice looking Dean...

I also have a few SG-1 and Dr Who icons in the works. Decided it was about time that I got a Daniel icon :)
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Look! A header! And all it cost was twenty minutes on photoshop, 5 minutes figuring out the customisation thingy, thanks to a handy-dandy tutorial, and $25US. Yeah, that's right, I finally bit the bullet and bought a paid account. Figured the amount of time I spend on here, I probably should - and besides, I wanted more icon space. And a cool header (go check it out!)

During my morning's perusal of lj and other internet-type places, I found this link. It's an audio interview praising fanficion, but using the dubious example of Lori Jareo to do it. Blurb is under here )

Ok, I'm glad they like fanfic, it's nice to get some positive press for a change, but you think you could not praise the person who broke just about every unwritten fanfic rule there is? I thought it was an interesting article, mostly because they are praising fanfic writers for their dedication, and I get the feeling that they are just using the Jareo thing as an excuse to talk about fanfic, but still...

Remember a day or so ago, when I was saying I had all this stuff to watch? It just got worse. I went round to [profile] cloverfizz's place yesterday, and came back with the full series of Full Metal Alchemist. So far, I've only seen the first 9 episodes, but it's so cute, even with the random anime style things. Cut for anyone who hasn't seen it and wants too )

So yeah, if I've completely dropped out of sight in RL, it's only because I'm buried in a pile of DVDs. Feel free to come and join me, anytime :)

On other news, [profile] bob_ette just walked out of her bedroom, looking like a cockatoo. Seriously, any rooster would be proud of that comb :P
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Well, people said they were interested, so here it is. Concrit is welcome, but since I'm new to this writing business, gentle is good, but honest is better. Please, let me know what you like, what you don't like about it, whether I should give up and never touch a keyboard again.

Obligatory Header-type stuff:

Title: Worst
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Set after the BDM, so be warned.
Other stuff: Very short, kinda sad. Zoe-centric.

Here be the fic )

*runs away and hides*

Dr Who!

Apr. 28th, 2006 11:57 pm
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Wohoo! Thanks to a wonderful workmate, I have the Christmas Invasion. Now all I have to do is find time to watch it... (And yes, I realise that still puts me at least two episodes behind the UK *sigh*)

I also bought the first season of Babylon 5 today, from the second hand store. I really have no idea what it's about, but I've heard very good things. And I have a borrowed copy of the first season of Andromeda, not to mention the rest of MacGyver to watch. So many DVDs, so little time.

What do you think of the proposed BSG spinoff? )

I'm cautiously hopeful, if it goes ahead. Even if the timeline looks a little dodgy.

Coupla questions for you:

1. Anyone know the ancient greek translation for 'awake'? So far, we've found 'egeiro' and 'gregoreuo' - Any ancient Greek scholars out there who want to offer any alternatives or opinions?

2. Purely hypothetical question - If I happened to have possibly, maybe written some Firefly fanfic, (very short, post-Serenity), would anyone want to read it?

Random Observation of the Day - Terry Nation, creator of the Daleks, was the Producer for MacGyver
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So, I've just spent the last 2 days wasting my time and taxpayers money at a completely useless training course. The one worthwhile moment of the entire thing came after we had retired to the hotel bar after the end of the course, in the form of an acedote from one of my fellow graduates. (Context: we had been discussing the tendency of our bosses to give us any random job they happen to think of, without considering whether or not we have any idea how to do it)

"It could be worse. My brother's a doctor, and one day he mentioned to his lecturer he was worrying about what would happen if someone asked him to do something he had know idea how to do, or surgery he had never tried before. His lecturer turned to him and said: "Just do it. Confidence = Competence."

You know, this explains a lot about the medical profession :) At least in the public service, we just go by "Bullshit baffles brains".

I want new Stargate stories. Even more, I want new team-but-slightly-Daniel-and-Jack-centric GEN stories. Is that too much to ask?


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