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This is one of the best sort of nights... one of those nights where every fic you read is excellent. They happen so rarely, which is probably a good thing, because now all I want to do is read fic randomly until my luck runs out. Not a good thing when I have work tomorrow.

Since I have to stop just bookmarking these things and telling myself that I'll get around to writing a rec post sometime:

Fic Rec: Dice, by [ profile] laytoncolt. Farscape, post The Peacekeeper Wars, canon pairings. Long (approx 45,000 words), and plotty, and spot-on characterisation that uses the whole cast to their strengths, and just all round brilliant. It does have major spoilers for the mini-series, so if you haven't seen that, be warned.

And now I really should to stop reading fic and go to bed. *yawn*
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I return to LJ after my brief flirtation with Real Life - but alas, our time together might be short, for I fear RL shall soon raise its ugly head once again.

Or, in other words, I'll be around for the rest of this week, but may be internet-less for the week after that.

Once again, I have given up on my foolish fantasy of catching up on my flist - I think I caught the main points on my (very) quick skim through, but if I've missed anything let me know.

What I did find in my meanderings was confirmation from Joss himself that the Ripper spinoff is still on the cards, in a TV-movie format. This is brilliant news - of all the spinoffs I would have liked to have seen in the Buffyverse, this was always number one.

Also: anyone on my flist got any good links to either a) HP AU fics where Harry is raised by Sirius (yeah, I know, but I'm on a HP AU kick at the moment) or b) any good John H/C stuff (Farscape), light on the smarm? I know it's probably an odd combination to be craving at once, but I am.


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