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GAH. Been trying to write a post about recurring female characters and recurring male characters in SPN all night, and every time I try it ends up longer than War and Peace and impossible to put in any kind of coherent order.

It all boils down to the fact that, all other things being equal, as an audience we expect the young, hot, FEMALE recurring character to have been introduced primarily as a love interest for one of the male characters. But, as an audience, we expect the young, hot, MALE recurring character to have been introduced primarily for plot reasons, and further that it is extremely unlikely that the main purpose of said male character is to be a love interest for one of the male leads.

And this is the short (non-spoilery, non-SPN specific) version.... )

(And all that said, I have seen some truly vile reactions to female characters that I DO believe are rooted in misogyny. All I ask is that people accept this isn't always the case - that sometimes people have valid reasons for their reactions, even if you don't agree.)


Oct. 24th, 2005 05:51 pm
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Well, I have masses of work to do, so I think it's time for an update :)

Cut for insane ranting, abuse of sarcasm, and mildly threatening attitudes )

Apart from the fact that I still haven't got hold of my work experience letter, (current plans to get their attention include hiring a sky-writer and getting all my rels back home to storm the building) I'm currently stressing about the large amounts of work which must be completed in the next 4 days. Sooo Not Good. Of course, if I don't get this letter, then it doesn't matter if I pass the stupid courses anyway, cause I still won't get to graduate. FUCK.

There's a nice little thunderstorm rumbling along outside. If I had a desktop computer, this would be a perfect excuse for me to unplug the thing and take a break. *Glares at stupid battery powered laptop* At this point, getting struck by lightening is also sounding attractive.

Right. So. Going to end this here, before subjecting you all to any more of my bad temper. Sorry 'bout that.

Random Observation of the Day - So much work. So little time. Even less motivation *sigh*
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Aggrrhh! People who forward chain letters without checking the facts should have their Internet privileges revoked for a month.

I got this email yesterday, the upshot of which was that some bloke reckoned he had a Cure For Cancer, and the medical industry was blocking it Miracle Cure For Cancer! Suppressed by EVIL capitalist pigs! Sign and Save the World from the ravages of Cancer! And SPAM EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!111!!!ELEVENTYONE111! )

Being the naturally curious (and skeptical) person that I am, I did what the email suggested, and checked it out on the web. 5 minutes later, and guess what? There IS a report published by the NHMRC. You can find it here. Alternatively, there is a plain english translation (for us non-medical geeks), in the form of a press release, here

So, I decided that I should actually reply to this (well, to everyone who got the same email as me)

my actually very polite and informative reply )

I didn't even include the harsh stuff - where they analysed his patient data and totally shredded his '100% cure' delusion. Mostly because I thought they wouldn't understand it - what is this 'research' you speak of? Clinical study? Bah. We don't need no stinking study.

I also left alone all the logical and factual flaws in the letter itself, as well as the numerous unsupported claims - mostly cause I couldn't be bothered.

Before anyone says anything - I realise that the fact the study HAS been completed will not bother anyone who believes in the 'conspiracy to stop cancer cures', but at least it invalidated this particular piece of spam. You know, I can see the next one now.... NHMRC study on CURE FOR CANCER coverup by global american corporations!!!1!! Sign petition for new, unbiased survey conducted by TRUE BELIEVERS ONLY!!!!!1!!1

Just don't send it to me. Or do, so I can laugh (or possibly bang my head against a brick wall)

So please, if you are going to send me spam, even well-intentioned spam, then at least make sure it is WELL RESEARCHED spam. Up-to-date well-researched spam would be even nicer. And I would also like a pony and a toy rocket.

OK, now I feel better. Still worried about the stupidity of the human race, but better.

Random Observation for the Day - how the hell can supposedly intelligent people sign these things? I mean, really, com'mon people. *sigh*
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Had a nap - so much more awake now. Which may be a problem, since its almost 11:30. Oh well.

Since I have quite a few things feel like saying at the moment, and some of them are quiet spoilery, I figured I would get adventurous and try lj-cuts.

Cut the first - Serenity Australian Box Office )

I've been lurking about a lot of Serenity/Firefly boards this past week, and I'm suprised at the backlash that Joss is getting from some fans about some of the events in the movie. Which prompted me to write this rant... Here be spoilers )

Oh, and Bob/ette sent me some Joss Whedon interviews today. Very cool (even if one of them was named 'Joss Wheaton' - Mmm, Joss, the amazing chocolate Wheaton LOL) One of them had 'We attack the major with homus' line, which is one of my all time faves. *big grin*


Sep. 26th, 2005 01:45 pm
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I have a new picture - isn't he so cute? Kinda like a less orange Bert.

I should be writing my essay, but instead, I'm...not. So I was checking all my sites, looking for something that would require immediate attention and provide a nice distraction, and I finally got round to checking Given the mood, I am in at the moment, this was not perhaps the wisest of things to do.

GateWorld's editorial bias towards Atlantis is starting to really annoy me. Case in point - Every week they do a summary of the ratings for SG-1, Atlantis, and BG (which I have to start watching again). And the headlines are consistently designed to make it appear that atlantis is significantly out-performing SG-1. When A does do better, the headlines are along the lines of "Atlantis leads August 26 ratings - Stargate Atlantis surged ahead in the ratings race to take the crown". However, if SG-1 'wins' - and what kind of stupid term is that, anyway? This isn't a competition, last time I checked - its "Close ratings for September 9 SCI FI Friday - Only fractions of a ratings point separated", ignoring the fact that only fractions of points always separates them - in fact, due to the design of the ratings systems, fractions of points only separate pretty much anything. ARrrghh.

And all this ignores that fact that SG-1 has the 'lower rated' timeslot, and also consistently (read - every week) outperforms both the other shows in the later night reruns (and by significantly more than just a 'fraction of a point')!

I guess the real reason this is bugging me so much today is that I'm in a generally bad mood, (and I just finished reading a whole lot of similarly negative posts on another list I am on, which kept referring to 'Farscape Fans' as if they were the modern equivalent of lepers) but honestly, the overwhelming negativity in the StarGate fandom is starting to bug me. If you don't like it, don't watch. It's that simple. And for gods sake, stop whinging about it to the majority of people who honestly still like it.

Rant over.

3 DAYS TIL SERENITY!! And I could obviously use some around now...

Random Observation of the Day - Web Rage - the internet equivalent of Road Rage


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