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Spent the majority of my time at work today trying to explain the concept of Mary Sues to people with little or no fandom experience, via email. Was probably the most interesting conversation I've had at work. I did back away from addressing the question of slash, though.

As promised, some Star Wars media for you. Icons and Wallpapers, Clone Wars and OT based.

The Icons )

The Wallpapers )

You were going to get some Supernatural and Battlestar Icons (points at userpic), but I think this post is about to sink under the weight of the images, so I'll put them up tomorrow.
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Say what you will about christians, you gotta love Easter. 4 day weekend, and chocolate to boot.

To celebrate the end of the weekend, I bring you... Wallpapers. It's not chocolate, but it's the best I can do, over the internet.

Because I have yet to figure out how to do the small-image-linking-to-large-image thing, and I am still labouring under the deulsion that someone may want to use these, the full size images are under the cut. But because I don't want to overload people's internet connection, I've split these up into two posts. First up - Supernatural (Dean - 1280x854), Stargate (Sam as Repli-carter-1280x854), Dark Crystal (1024x768) and V for Vendetta (1280x854). If anyone wants different resolutions, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Edit - Think I've fixed the size thing now. Seems that when photobucket decided to increase the max file size, it decreased mine. *sigh* Fingers crossed.

Warning - image heavy. But click anyway, you know you want too...  )

As always, opinions welcomed. Think they suck? Let me know. Think they don't suck? Let me know that too.

Star Wars wallpapers and miscellaneous icons coming tomorrow - photobucket seems to be currently unhappy with me.


Apr. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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OK, well if I'm going to continue on this icon making kick, I'd better start one of these.

Without further ado )


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