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Work and Real Life does get in the way of LJ updating, doesn't it? Or perhaps that's just the arrival of my 15 Sharpe DVDs... (even though half of them don't work and I'm waiting on replacements.)

After watching Sharpe, I've come to the conclusion that Sean Bean didn't need to audition for the role of Boromir - he just gave Peter Jackson the Sharpe DVDs to watch. It's like a Master class in looking scruffy, soldierly and sexy. :)

But, while watching my newly acquired DVDs, I came across a familiar face. And since I know I have a few Buffy and Angel fans on my flist, I thought I should share. For your viewing pleasure, I give you Alexis Denisof, looking very period-ish, and rather hot )

The pic with the wine... *fans self*
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I return to LJ after my brief flirtation with Real Life - but alas, our time together might be short, for I fear RL shall soon raise its ugly head once again.

Or, in other words, I'll be around for the rest of this week, but may be internet-less for the week after that.

Once again, I have given up on my foolish fantasy of catching up on my flist - I think I caught the main points on my (very) quick skim through, but if I've missed anything let me know.

What I did find in my meanderings was confirmation from Joss himself that the Ripper spinoff is still on the cards, in a TV-movie format. This is brilliant news - of all the spinoffs I would have liked to have seen in the Buffyverse, this was always number one.

Also: anyone on my flist got any good links to either a) HP AU fics where Harry is raised by Sirius (yeah, I know, but I'm on a HP AU kick at the moment) or b) any good John H/C stuff (Farscape), light on the smarm? I know it's probably an odd combination to be craving at once, but I am.


Dec. 1st, 2006 05:52 pm
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Looks like the 'Season 8' Buffy comic is going ahead. I have mixed feelings about this - as much as I loved the series, I've never successfully followed a fandom into comic book form.

I'm not sure why - partly, I suppose, because the art never looks anything like the actors. (Generalise? Who, me?) Everytime I look at the pictures instead of the words, I get yanked out of the story. So I tend to focus almost exclusively on the words, which I guess means I'm missing a lot of the detail (is it subtext when it's pictorial?) and this leads to an overall less satisfying experience. Although honestly, even if it was photorealistic artwork, I'd probably still tend to focus on the text. I am a text and word orientied person, and after so many years of novel-reading, it's a preprogammed response. I don't think I could change this if I tried.

And there's also the problem that I read fast - as in, 500 page novel in a night fast. Which means that I get through comic books at a rate of knots, and then feel cheated it's gone so fast. Especially if I paid for it.

And then there's the slightly problematic nature of the Buffy canon itself - while I loved the first three seasons, the later ones never generated the same emotional response. And when you add that to the fact that I've now had three years to get emotionally attached to the status quo of the characters and their relationships, I'm worried about the direction they are going to take things.

I'm tempted to say I'll just stick with fanfic, but as with everything else, I've had a lot of trouble finding good-quality Buffy gen-fic. Even though it's one of the fandoms in which I do have a favourite pairing I'm heavily invested in (Buffy/Angel, if you are interested, although canon pairing with Willow in it is a close second), my ideal plot(action)/ship ratio in fic would be around 50/50.

Perhaps I'll just go back and rewatch the DVDs...
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I said a while ago I was going to try and put up some more recs, right? Well, it took a while, and in typical fashion I chose not one but two fandoms that I don't think anyone on my flist is into, but I'm going to rec this anyway. When Hellmouths Collide, by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wilson, a crossover between Buffy and Hercules.

I stumbled across this fic a few times when I've been surfing around the far reaches of fandom, but never actually read it, since I'm prejudiced (for a variety of reasons) against crossover-fics. But tonight I decided to give it a try, at least so I would know that I was doing the right thing by not reading it, and so far it's been exactly the way crossovers should be written.

From characters from different universes not speaking the same language to Giles snarking about the historical inaccuracies of Herecules-verse Acient Greek, this is what crossovers are meant to be like. (Gile's snark, both internal and external, has been a comic highlight, while remaining completely in character. And his interactions with Xander are early-season-Buffy gold) The characterisations for both 'verses are pretty damn near perfect. If there is a weak point, some of the scene descriptions and transitions in the early chapters are a little on the light side for my personal taste, but not irritatingly so.

I'd recommend this fic to anyone with more than a passing familarity with either Buffy or Hercules (if you haven't read it already). In fact, even if you haven't watched either of these shows, check it out anyway.

Disclaimer: I'm up to chapter 10 (of 37) but I wanted to post this while I remember. If, after this point, everything suddenly turns into mutant brain-eating zombies, I take no responsibility. But who'd complain about mutant zombies, anyway?


Apr. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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OK, well if I'm going to continue on this icon making kick, I'd better start one of these.

Without further ado )
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Found these in my inbox this arvo, thought I should share

Buffy Musical on stage )

That I'd pay to see!

Serenity No. 1 in the UK )

The UK browncoats have been saying they were going to ride to the rescue of the BDM - nice to see they came through! Go the Pommies! It feels strangely wrong to be cheering for them, but I'll forgive them the ashes if they get this movie a sequel!
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Had a nap - so much more awake now. Which may be a problem, since its almost 11:30. Oh well.

Since I have quite a few things feel like saying at the moment, and some of them are quiet spoilery, I figured I would get adventurous and try lj-cuts.

Cut the first - Serenity Australian Box Office )

I've been lurking about a lot of Serenity/Firefly boards this past week, and I'm suprised at the backlash that Joss is getting from some fans about some of the events in the movie. Which prompted me to write this rant... Here be spoilers )

Oh, and Bob/ette sent me some Joss Whedon interviews today. Very cool (even if one of them was named 'Joss Wheaton' - Mmm, Joss, the amazing chocolate Wheaton LOL) One of them had 'We attack the major with homus' line, which is one of my all time faves. *big grin*


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