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I'm still laughing at the Chaser's latest stunt, but possibly even more amusing is the way the Police Commissioner is trying to paint this as a success. Um... no. Not really, but nice try. (And if you haven't seen the fake security passes, you should check 'em out. They weren't exactly being subtle about this.)

While I can see why some people disapprove of this stunt, I think I believe the Chaser when they say that they never expected to get through the first checkpoint - I can't imagine the lawyers approving it otherwise, let alone the whole 'risking and life and limb' aspect.

Anyway, since I have this option to post polls and never actually use it, here's a poll for you all:

[Poll #1051584]

ETA: And on a completely different topic, I want one. Yeah, I agree the Ewoks were way overdone in RotJ, but they are undeniably cute :)
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RL - I know what Wolfy did this summer )

While waiting for the guests to arrive, I decided to play with photoshop. Feeling moderately proud of myself, I then wanted to share the fruits of my labour on lj, which required me to learn how to stick pictures in a post. I think I have it sorted - I guess we'll find out :) Therefore, this entry will be a work in progress for the next few minutes (hours) until I figure out what I am doing. Be gentle with me - it's my first time :)

Photoshop Madness - Star Wars and Buffy (Giles) icons. And a wallpaper. )

Did that work? And can anyone tell me if I can make the wallpaper show up smaller?

Random Observation of the Day - I like photoshop.


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