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Is anyone else going through a period of fandom withdrawl right now? Looking back over my last entries I'm noticing a marked absence of content, and, despite the crazy work and uni and professional and social commitments, I'm going to pin the blame on my general lack of fannish interest at the moment.

That isn't strictly true - I still like fandom as much as ever, but I'm feeling a general sense of... exhaustion with my usual sources. It's been a while since a new fandom caught my eye, and while I always cycle back to my old fannish haunts eventually, new texts (or shows or movies) keep my fannish motivation up. Which is where the insane commitments thing comes in; I don't have time for new obsessions right now. *sigh*

Eh. enough of that. I bring you some educational and edifying links instead:

Music piracy no match for Avril Lavigne Because I get so damn sick of the same 'Piracy is evil' paranoia that is trotted out by the music and movie industry, this from the manager of Avril Lavigne:

"I do not believe that the record label owns the song, the publisher does not own the song, even the artist does not own the song... It is the emotion that a fan attaches to that song, to that lyric that makes it popular. What the record business needs to do is to monetise the behaviour of that fan."

And bold, because this is a concept that needs to catch on. While I'm not quite sure about the idea of monetising fan behaviour (or, for that matter, erasing the idea that producers own content), it is damn nice for someone in the industry to be not talking about fans of their products as if they were the enemy.

Oh, and the Mother who's baby videos were removed for copyright infringement strikes back. This is also something we need to see more of. If she wins, of course.

And finally, Worth1000 had a challenge to incorporate Star Wars characters into classic works of art. Check it out - there's some brilliant stuff, as always.
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