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My LJ has been devoid of significant content lately (why Hello Thar, Real Life), so I was planning on doing that TV Show meme that's been going around - hey, at least it's fannish! But I got bogged down on the last question, so I present you:

(Abridged) TV Show Meme, and some musings )


Jan. 20th, 2008 02:36 pm
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It is the 20th of January.

There are Easter Eggs in the supermarket.

I know Easter is early this year, but don't you think this is taking it a little too far?
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Browsing wikipedia is definitely bad for your brain.

... Did you know that the Roman's had a god that made knots in stalks of wheat?

All in all, I think that would be a pretty sweet gig for a god. OK, so you aren't going to end up on top of Mount Olympus any time soon, but it's also unlikely you'd attract potential-god-killing heroes intent on avenging the knotting of their father's wheat crops. And you'd get at least half the year off, depending on the harvests... plenty of time to practice your godly wiles on impressionable farmer's daughters. Or sons. Whatever floated your godly-wheat-knotting boat.

And it sure beats being the God of Cattle-worms.

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Look, Ma, I'm getting things done!

In a bid to bring order to chaos organise my bookmarks, I finally got around to getting a account. I only intend to use it for fic recs for the moment - I'm slowly working my way through my bookmarks, starting from the most recent. It's slow going, because I'm re-reading as I go. Purely for quality control purposes, of course :) (BTW, any experienced users out there know if they support nested tagging? I may have got a little tag-happy... )

On top of that, I rang a friend from out of town, which I've been meaning to do for weeks now, and then managed some editing on that SPN_SW crossover I was rambling about a month or so ago. It's still only about half-done (I haven't even finished the first draft *sigh*), but any progress is better than no progress, right?

Subconsciously, I'm sure all of this activity was prompted by the fact that I only have one more day of holidays left. Why must all good things come to an end?

ETA: In the course of my link-hopping, I came across CrisC on FFN. Writes Rogues-focused fic, so of course I thought immediately off all you Wedge-loving fen on my flist. (Disclaimer - I've only read one of the fics, so I won't vouch for the quality of all of them. The one I read was quite good, action-focused.)
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Well, guess who got her letter of offer for her Masters today? Go me.

In other news of awesome, courtesy of [personal profile] animator, the most awesome macro to ever awesome:

(Outside a cut since the image is small - let me know if it causes any problems for anyone.)

Also from [personal profile] animator: The Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique. I qualify for way to many of those badges *g*

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Perhaps everyone but me has already seen this, but if you haven't, you should check it out: Dame Shirley Bassey singing a spy-themed cover of Pink's 'Get this Party Started'. It's brilliant, and I love the audible and visual hints of James Bond they work in. I understand this was originally part of an advertising campaign? Whatever they were selling, I want one :)

Embedded video under the cut, to spare the flist )

Good Lord, that woman has an amazing voice. And it's absolutely impossible to believe that she is seventy.

Right. Now to dinner, and then Farscape.


Aug. 16th, 2007 11:35 pm
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Brand New Shiny Computer is at the shop, being fixed. On Saturday I should get him back, and then I can seriously start replacing all the software I lost in the Great Computer Crash. Computer type friends - expect a call from me in the next week or so :)

Other significant thing which happened today: Got a haircut. Yay! After hunting around all of Canberra for a decent and not ridiculously expensive hairdresser, I ended up going back to the one on campus. Makes me all nostalgic for university :)

Which got me thinking - I really would like to go back to uni. While, fingers crossed, I will be starting my Masters next year (if I ever get around to submitting my paperwork), I'd really like to be able to go back full time and study something completely, just for interest's sake. I'd love to do an Arts degree, for instance. Maybe one of these days...

The other important thing which happened today was that I bought an adorable Super-deformed Darth Vader. On special, even. Now I just have to convince myself that I don't want to go back and get the TIE Fighter Pilot and Stormtrooper too...

Oh, and thanks for all the input and feedback on my topic for the public speaking competition. I've registered, and now just have to write and learn the damn thing. Before Monday. Hmmm - why do I do this to myself?
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Despite my mild aversion to things Trek (one day I will get over my reactions to the movies and watch the series, I swear), everyone should go read this: Analytics According to Captain Kirk, because it is analytical, awesome and amusing.

Although honesty and fandom partisanship forces me to admit it is not quite as cool as Star Wars and Gravitational Constants, which is probably my favourite combination of Star Wars and physics I have seen on the web, and embodies everything I love when fans and geeks combine.

Plus, it's a wonderful example of the great scientific principle whereby one goes to great lengths to prove something one already know, and then writes it up as a paper :)

And since I am linking (semi-) scholarly works, I should include the real deal: Intercourse and Intelligence, an article discussing the effects of intelligence on the likelihood of virginity, from adolescent to adulthood. Cites a number of studies, and presents some interesting theories, some of which I agree with, some of which I don't. Interesting stuff, anyway.

(And for some reason none of my drop-down posting menus are working - mood, icon, journal. Anyone else have this problem?)
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English Meme, 'cause I can. I feel like procrastinating, even though I have nothing to procrastinate about. Hmm.

Anyway, meme under the cut )

If any professional Engineering association find out about this, they'll probably take away my degree :)
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I think the lifts at work are haunted. They are always about 5 degrees* colder than the rest of the building, will randomly bump and shudder, and the screen that displays the floor number will flicker on and off.

Definitely haunted. I'm expecting Sam and Dean to show up and save the day any time now.

*that's Celsius, btw.
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Looks like the Zombie invasion has been confined to the US and Europe, at least for the time being.

I suspect this is because no self-respecting zombie wants to spend that much time on a plane. It's bad enough when you are alive, I can't imagine what it's like when rigour mortis starts to set in.

If they ever do make it to Australia, I'm not that worried - it's hard to lurch at a decent speed when your body is contorted like a right-angled pretzel. I certainly doubt they could manage the stairs to my apartment.

Still. Perhaps I'll go out and hunt up Shaun of the Dead Zombie killing instructions, just in case. Better safe than sorry, after all.

confused? And yeah, we're a little bit behind in Australia...
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For those of you who haven't downloaded anything (completely legal anythings, of course) from megaupload, they prompt you to enter a 3 letter code before letting you get to the goodies.

My three letter code? RDA. I wish he was available for downloading

I need a Jack icon.
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Watching 20/20 Cricket on the TV (Australia vs England - so far, we're kicking arse. Go Us). Umpire's name?

Peter Parker.

It's the Geeky Things in life that are often the Best.

Watching of Torchwood has been temporarily postponed, pending the end of the match. People are supposed to be visiting tonight, but it doesn't look like they are going to show, so I should get a couple of episodes in before I need to hit the sack.

For some reason, the breeze blowing into my room smells like the sea. This would make more sense if we weren't 100's of kms from the coast.
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Aussies should remember the For the Love of Beer ad (yes, that's right, the one where they threw the moose, and the girls, into the sky with a giant catapult) - well, here's where the moose came down.
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From a 'Toys "R" Us' Catalogue:

Star Wars Clone Wars Gun Ship Republic gunship and playset features an opening canopy and real firing cannons.
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From The Fitz Files, The Sun-Herald, 4/6/06

"The black New York Democrat Charles Rangel was asked on public television what he thought of President Bush, and he replied: "Well, I really think he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all..."

I think I just about died laughing.
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You know, it seems I'm the opposite of most lj people. I write a lot more during the week than on the weekend. Actually, mostly that was to do with the fact that this extended weekend has been rather busy )

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the last few days have been filled with goodness, I've been feeling kinda.. I dunno, blah lately. Therefore the silence - to try and avoid infecting my livejournal with my blah-ness like I have my RL friends.

But enough boring stuff. I did indulge in a bit of retail therapy - now I have the first season of MacGyver:) RDA was definite one of those guys who got cuter as he got older, IMO. But anyway, the bad 80's acting (and hair) the stupid!science, the voiceovers and the HGtG - classic. But be warned - you will never get the theme music out of your head. I've been humming it for the last few days.

And I always love watching clip-style credits of the first season of TV shows. You know, when all you've watched so far is the pilot episode and the teaser of the next, and yet you've already seen half the clips in the credits? Yeah.

I'm gradually getting sucked into the supernatural fandom, and I was wondering if anyone has any good SPN gen links? From what I've seen, if I want to find fics in this fandom I'm going to have to get over my adversion to most pairing fics. Life's so tough when you are a gen fan - especially when you are a gen fan trying to avoid spoilers :) And what I'd love to see is an Angel or Buffy crossover - anyone?

On a completely different note - some anti-war and ANZAC day musings )

Ok, I think it's time to end this before it gets any more rambly. Definitely time for some food - I'm starting to get light-headed here. Hmmm... food...
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Hello, people *waves madly to all her new friends*

In honour of all the new people on my flist, I feel like I should say something profound, or at least Star Wars-focused.


Nope, nothing's coming to me. Sorry.

In fact, I really have nothing at all interesting to say, I just figured I should say hi to everyone. But I will share the random musing which has been bugging me for the last few days - Why do all Sci-Fi swear words start with 'f'? )

Also, good luck to all the people on my flist who have job interviews in the next few days. Reading through, it's been like an epidemic of potential employment (but in a good way, of course). Hmmm... hopefully none of them are going for the same job. But anyway, Good Luck, all!

RL note - for those of you who haven't got the email about the housewarming, let me know.

(This update proudly brought to you by the letter 'F')
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Warner Bros is finally thinking about releasing Pinky and the Brain on DVD. Yay! Read All About It

And Congratulations to Pharaoh for finishing his thesis. Now he can get some sleep.

In other news, I have changed the layout of this Lj. Definitely like it better this way.

I've also been rewatching my Dark Angel DVDs. Can't decide if Jessica Alba is a good actress or not. Well, I guess she suits the part, which is the main thing. And besides, who pays any attention to her when Logan is around? *drools on keyboard*

Shallowness aside, I really do like the balance they have in the first season between his story and hers. Pity that they ruined the whole thing with the second season. Is it wrong to feel midly relieved that they cancelled the show before they could do more damage?

Useless Trivia of the Day - The wonderful piece of punctuation ‽ (otherwise written as ?!) is called an Interrobang. It was introduced in 1962, by Mr Speckter (some big-wig in advertising company, which explains a lot - 'cause there just aren't enough normal pieces of punctuation for them to abuse). The Interrobang can convey in print an attitude, curiosity, and wonder. Or, used incorrectly (generally by advertising types or fanbrats), induce an attitude of fear, loathing and blind rage.

Oh, and in the 'Barry Trotter' parodies, Barry's mark is in the shape of - you guessed it - an interrobang.

(Courtesy of Pharaoh, who imparted this useless piece of information - well, the name anyway)
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*Stands triumphantly on top of pile of massacred assessment, yodeling 'We Are The Champions'*

Yes, folks, Lyore is officially back. Handed in my last piece of assessment this morning. Last Ever Piece of Undergraduate Assessment (excluding exams - touch wood).

Though, failing would be good from the point of view of having another year of high speed internet access and the uni network. Unfortunately, failing would be bad due to the slightly more hazardous fact that my parents would shoot me before I could use my high speed internet access. *sigh*

Hmm, Makybe Diva just won the Melbourne Cup, AKA 'The-race-that-stops-a-nation-except-for-Lyore's-semiconductor-tute' *growls*. I like watching it, even when I haven't backed anyone. AND this year I picked the winner - well, me and the rest of the country. I think I can hear the screams of anguish from the Bookies now.

Other random things which have landed in my inbox and I thought I might share
HP Flying car stolen )

You know, just cause the car couldn't be DRIVEN away...

On a more sinister note... EM mind control )

That's so wrong. What's worse is that I could kinda get behind the whole defense ideas - subduing someone temporarily is infinitely preferable to shooting them, IMO. But something which can actually control your actions? No thanks. *glares suspiciously at iPod*

Revenge of the Sith is released here tomorrow, but I will... not... buy... it... *closes eyes and thinks of Boxsets. Expensive, entire saga Boxsets* Someone grab one of those mind control thingys and steer me AWAY from the DVD stores, please.

Random Observation of the Day - In regards to the 'pick the horse with the interesting colours' system of betting, this was moderately successful - red and white checks plus the southern cross. Not too bad. You know, someone should find out if horses with two names do better in the Melbourne cup than horses with one (Makybe Diva, Phar Lap... )

EDIT - cause I was bored... )

EDIT again - to fix MDs colours and to let you all know - in NSW, people bet $59 million on the TAB alone for the Melbourne cup. Wow.


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